Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Late V-Day

Hello world! Here I am! I am indeed alive and stayed that way all weekend. Although I was very grumpy last night (only because I was tired though) not because I was home!

Well let's round up the weekend here. After my crazy night on Thursday I was SURE I would be dead to the world come Friday afternoon. Alarmingly enough I made it through the entire night, only crashing on the train ride home!
Where did we go? Disney on Ice at the Garden in Boston!

My three sisters and I went with the kids. Four adults and four kids = total madness! If you saw on the news about the wackos in the Park St train station dancing their way down the platform, that was us! Hahaha. It was a nightmare getting there but SO worth it!
The show started at 7 pm and at 7 pm we were still on the highway about an hour away (according to the traffic radio station) from the Garden. Time to abandon the car! We ended up at the Quincy train station to Pahk the Cah.

I did not take my camera into Disney on Ice because I thought it would have been confiscated. Boy am I an idiot! There were people there with VIDEO CAMERAS! GRRRRRRRR... we were literally 6 rows back from the ice, perfect seats! It was awesome! I thought of the lovely Miss Gliding Calm the whole time!!!!!

It was a great show, enjoyed by all and we were wrecked at the end. Who knew train hopping and sweets would catch up to us??

Saturday we had to recover fast though- we had a birthday party to go to!

Rollerskating!!!!!! I'll spare you the deets. Just know, I looked awesome out there skating and the Peanut is getting signed up to take skating lessons.. she needs some practice! lol
(I have some serious knobby knees there! lol)

Moving right along (I'm trying not to bore the pants of you...)
Saturday afternoon birthday PAR-TAY! For my little nephew Caiden, he's so cute. Walking, slightly talking, adorable! I can't believe how big all the kids are getting.

Here are two more love birds. Peanut and Tyler. Tyler is about 18 months younger than Peanut is, I watched him be born! We got along famously, I think it's because I held him for forever after he was born- we bonded and he still remembers that! Haha!

Tyler's mommy and I had a running joke in High School about how I was going to marry her younger brother. She took a picture of the two kids and sent them to him and said "these could have been your children." LMAO.
Alright, so who wants to know what there was to eat at the party??!! I do I do!

These were little cake balls of red velvet and vanilla cake mix. Mixed with cream cheese and baked for a few minutes, then dipped in chocolate. Gina made them, and dang they were tasty.

It would not be a party at Gina's house without the chocolate fountain!

lots of stuff to dip in the liquid crack!
So the party was all fun and games until someone got frosting up his nose...

Well the offical Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful. I got a surprise in the mail from my sweetie pie. I think he has a little too much time on his hands...

I also annoyed the cat. Look at how PISSED she looks! She really does have 57 facial expressions and 56.5 of them are MAD. Haha!

The Peanut and I went to the mall where she rode the carousel and we split a plate of Chinese food.

I saw my brother in law there as well (I guess everyone had the same idea.. shop!) with his kids.. it was a good time!
I loved reading everyones recap of V-day! I don't really consider that Valentine's Day is the most important of the holidays, there is a lot of commercial pressure to get the biggest and best of everything at every holiday. I would have loved it if my love was home with me. That would have been the best present ever! Bigger than any diamond (mine is coming this week btw lol) or box of chocolates! I will get my wish sooner or later!!!!!

Enjoy the day!!!!!

PS. No dance class tonight, I have to wait until Thursday to face the drunkard fool who tried to molest me! We shall see what happens then!


  1. Aww I love your Vday present! I've never gotten anything handmade from a guy - now I'm jealous!! hehe ;) He'll be home soon!! *hugs*

    OMG the cat pic CRACKED ME UP! Cats are so funny!

  2. You seem to have had the BEST week-end ever!!! Where to even start?? Disney on ice, roller skates and a cupCAKE? Awesome!!! What an adorable gift too :)

  3. happy late vday to you too! everything looks yummy, aww rollerskating is so much fun! i miss disney on ice, oh the memories!

  4. aww what a great present!! i LOVE your outfit girl-you and your girl are TOO CUTE!! love the pics too!! what a FUN DAY!

  5. Awww!
    Loved your pics!
    Even though you said you didn´t celebrate V-day, seems like you´ve had an amazing weekend!
    Have a great day!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  6. man those cake balls look so delicious! and that chocolate fountain...i ate so many desserts this weekend and you are still making me drool!!!!

    caiden + frosting face = priceless. what a great weekend!!

  7. My fav pic was definitely the cat picture. Oh my gosh, she looks so mad. I love cat facial expressions and it's true, they have so many of them and most of them are variations on the pissed look, lol.