Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrate The Small Things

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe we made it through the weekend. I know I said I would post on Saturday, but Saturday came. And went. I'm not sure I realized it was actually SATURDAY until I woke up on Sunday. Hm. Funny how that stuff works.
Friday was a bum night, I did not do much besides stopping at my SIL's house for a few, she mumbled conversation with me for a few minutes and I bounced back home- she was tired I wasn't going to interfere!
Saturday was a different story though... my little sister turned 23 on Wednesday and she decided to have herself a little birthday party. At my parents house. With my parents friends and us. Awwwww! She is truly a little kid inside a 5'5" 23 year old body.
Which brings me to my mental health makeover tip of the day.. Celebrate the Small Things.

I am 27 years old, living with my parents with my daughter while my hubby does what he's gotta do and gets home. It's painful and stressful and there are many times where I wake up and want to cry all day long.

So I have to think of something in my day that makes me smile. Or something good I did. Or a joke I heard. Or a trashy TV show I watch that makes me laugh and count my blessings I'm not Snooki. I'm Italian, I look Italian.. but thank GOD my hair isn't big enough to hide snacks!

Instead I focus on the fact that they modeled these: booty popper after me...

No, really. lol

The Peanut and I went to Qdoba on Saturday and out shopping. It was pretty fun for Mommy and Peanut time I think! She made out like a bandit at Target. Purple hoodie. New cords.. all from the clearance rack babies!

Small thing... I saw Randy Moss at Yankee Candle. If he hadn't been with some supermodel, I probably would have asked him for a picture. But a girl can gaze from afar can't she?

I celebrated more small things besides Target clearance racks and eating the insides of a burrito the size of my head.

Val's Birthday party!

Pizza shaped like kitties.

Pizza with lots of toppings!
Watching my 23 year old sister open kids movies and "As Seen On TV" items (her favorite kind...)

Hoops & Yoyo bobble heads and cookies.

Playing Family Fued with my parents friends and feeding answers to your 7 year old. They were wrong. She got mad. Ooooops!
Discovering on Sunday morning that said 7 year old lost her first front tooth and now sounds like Daffy Duck.

Hosting a tea party for Felicity. I think she liked how homemade everything was!

We literally didn't do much all weekend, but it felt like a FULL weekend because I enjoyed all the small things I did.

What is one good thing that happened to you today that made the whole day.. worth it in the end?


  1. Wait, is that a picture of YOU? I'm confused! If so, wozers.
    I love your idea of "celebrating the small things" I think it's something we should do everyday. Instead of always focusing on the bad, why can't we focus on the good? Today I will focus on the fact that my BF is turning 31 tomorrow, and that I am the love of his life :)
    Also, I am smiling over here looking at that easy bake oven. I remember using those when I was a kid, and "loving" what I made, even though I secretly thought it tasted nasty! Oh the memories :)

  2. hhaha Snooks is so funny, and my jaw is still on the ground from that prep kid closed-fist punching a chick in the face!!! So glad he was immediately hauled to jail, but would have been awesome to see a *slight* delay in the cops getting there so the boys could have had a chance w/ him first. *evil grin*

    Loove Targets clearance racks! I've gotten 2 cute shirts for $2 each! I have a Target gift card burning a hole in my pocket.. hmm might be time to browse the clearance racks again!

    My day hasn't really started (I'm a bum) but I guess so far just having Johnny around and being nice to me has been worthwhile so far!

  3. your daughter is GORGEOUS!

    And YES, that was my secret! NYC!

  4. ah what would live be without snookie, pizza, and that little peanut that never fails to make my heart melt :) yay for the little things <3

  5. Love the kitty pizza! Peanut is absolutely adorable! She is one amazing kid!

    Thanks to you, I too am trying to focus on the small things. I'm in pretty much the same situation you are--26, living at home, feeling like my life has stalled out. But I think looking at the little things that are good helps me not to feel so overwhelmed. Stay strong! Email coming soon!

  6. your daughter is so gorgeous! i'm sorry you're a bit overwhelmed with what life is throwing at you right now, but it'll get better! kitty shaped pizzas will have to make you happy for the time being ;)

  7. LOL!!!! So you're hooked on the Jersey Shore too??? I have to say I didn't WANT to watch it, but next thing I know I'm caught up on the whole season... lol!

    One good thing that happened today: I wrote the 4 pages I was scheduled to write for my paper AND I got a grade back: A-!! Yeaaah!! :)

  8. That's NOt you...right? lol. She looks nothing like you adorable daughter.
    I like your attitude...just enjoy the small things in life! If we looks closely, there are so many simple enjoyments in life, and it takes real courage and wisdom to enjoy them!