Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mental Health Day 1

Wow, ya didn't think I'd be back this quick huh? Well, as part of my mental health makeover, I think I should be posting on a regular basis now. Probably not every day, but almost everyday. Every other day?

Well, I thought long and hard last night about a lot of stuff and the other part of my goal is to change the way I look at things. I emailed a bunch of times with Jenny. (I think she might block me from her blog soon- all I've been doing is talking about her..lol) She had some crazy anon comments and I advised her to look at the source of these comments and make sure she is not taking it to heart.
I took a lot of things personally and I still sometimes do. I have had a lot of problems with C's baby mama and her mama. Long story short, they are no match for me when it comes to class, smarts, and wits. But I was hurt- why were they harassing me? Why were they trying to hurt me- calling me names and keeping my step-daughter away? Well, jealousy for one.
Fear, was two. And insecurity was three. But I thought they might be right.. was I what they said I was?
I'm not sure why I took everything that they said to heart- but I did. But now I know. I look at them and see jealous, insecure, and fearful people. And I look at myself and see the opposite.

So what's the long story about? Well one of my mantras is going to be from now on:

Remember the source.
When you are bothered by people and you have no idea why; try to remember that person may have insecurities that you don't see. That when they look in the mirror they may see something different. The girl who leaves random mean anon comments may feel jealous that you have run a marathon before and she has not. The guy who yells at you in the parking lot of the grocery store may have just been in a fight with his wife. The person who is harassing you may just very well be, well, crazy. And no matter what you do- you will not make these people happy. So I'm not saying to forgive all people who wrong you. But look in the mirror and ask yourself- DO I SEE WHAT THEY SEE? Remember the source!!!!

Ok, so since this is a blog about food apparently and not about mental health... I did try this little do-dab of a breakfast from Ian's Frozen Foods. A Wafflewich - Maple Sausage & Egg :)

Pros: easy to make, heat in microwave, insert in mouth; ingredients are gluten and dairy free. YUM. tasty too, I could really taste the maple flavoring in the sausage.

Cons: Nutrition facts. Very high sodium, too much fat for me to eat at breakfast time. Not that I'm a crazy person about counting calories at B-fast, but isn't there a meatless option for people to have that's dairy free too? I'm not used to eating sausage at b-fast.

Bottom line: OK for a special occasion, but too much salt and fat to make this a staple in my breakfast menu. I felt like I needed to drink a gallon of water and run a mile after eating it! Gina, I hope you read this!!! I always think of you when I look at nutrition labels and check for sodium now!
Another thing, I picked these up in Walmart the other day:

Anyone else try taking Vitamin D? I used to go tanning to be happy and sparkly during the long winter days. Three of my uncles have had bouts of skin cancer (one.. is a severe case) so C told me to embrace my roots and be white. I was cut off from tanning! But I KNOW that the sun makes me happy- all that Vitamin D... nice and warm... so I'm going to try this before I spend $$$ on anything else.. Or try to start sneaking in tanning while C isn't home to cut the brake line on my car to stop me from going.. lol
Enjoy the Day!!!!!


  1. That looks like a great thing to try! I totally agree, I used to LOVE tanning, but we know how bad it is for you...sigh. I might try the gummies too!

  2. wow i want that waffle sandwich?! was that an Ians brand?

  3. I've been embracing my white roots my whole life haha. I would've done the tanning thing but it only makes me look a pukey shade of orange. So there's really no getting away from the whiteness.

    Anyway, you're so right about looking at the source and not always assuming that everyone else's opinions of you are right. I'm always terrified of upsetting someone or of what other people think. I've spent so much time trying to do the "right" thing, the one that I think will make people not angry. But the truth is that we need to be the kind of people that we want to be and not worry about what other people are thinking or if we're acting the "acceptable" way. And we'll be much happier mentally if we do. You've already done so much of this with C and not letting other people get between you two and what you know is right for you.

  4. I have seen that wafflewich before, but wasn't sure about it! thanks for the review!

  5. Ok I freaking LOVE your "remember the source" mantra. I'm totally going to think like that now! I've gotten very, very few anon comments on my blog, and I just immediately delete them and don't mention them - but they still sting! I just always try to think of them as cowards, too. Not only hiding behind a computer screen to speak their mind, but also hiding behind anon!

    The wafflewich looks good- too bad it's full of sodium and fat. I agree - that's no way to start the day!

    Ohhh let me know how the Vitamin D works for you! haha "embrace your roots and be white." I feel like I get that winter depression, so I might try that if it works for you!

  6. it can be really, really hard to have perspective sometimes. especially when you are down in the dumps, or just feeling "off." but we always have control over feeling good about our lives and ourselves...totally sounding like a self help book right now but you know what i mean! here's to having that come easier in 2010!!!!

  7. loved reading this even more the second time around :) <3

  8. Your post made me cry- I had the worst possible day career-wise because of somethings people have been saying about me, my classroom, myself... and it was hard. Your post really reminded me that there was more to this situation and it's helping me let go of all this hurt and anger.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Can I just say that I kinda sorta miss you? For serious... it's been too long boo... I'm going to move so I can just harass you and steal you and the SIL to go out partying...


  9. This is a great mantra to live by! The best thing about it is that it can really apply to everything: everyday life, but also food!!

    Keep your head up! We all know how amazing you are :)

  10. The "remember the source" mantra is SO GREAT. I'm going to have to write that down and carry it everywhere with me. You're right on target with that.

    And I love greasy breakfast foods like that one, LOL.

    And finally--I LOVE TANNING. Love it, love it, love it. So. . . . I'm not much help with that one. . .


  11. PS there's something for you at my blog!