Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recycle Recycle

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe we are almost halfway through Jan already. Where the hell has the time GONE?! I loved seeing your "good things" from the other day!! And NO that definitely was not me in the pic, I'm not trashy Italian trash!

So as previously stated, I don't make New Years resolutions because I don't keep them. Plain and simple! I know myself, I can't hold myself responsible for losing X amount of pounds, or saving X amount of money a month, or slowing down, or being nicer to people. I'm already a normal weight, am too broke to save, I've been so sick I can't do much anyway, and I'm always nice! What else is there to fix on me?! Nada I say!
However, I do want to do one thing.. and do it soon. I collected a lot of stuff. Clothes, books, crap. Junk. Books. Clothes. Music. Enough is enough. I gotta clean my shit out. I crammed all my stuff in my parents basement when I came back home, sold my living room furniture to my SIL, and packed all our stuff into a space that is no bigger than a dorm room. OHHHHH to be back home again. Over the next couple of weeks I want to get my clothes cleaned out, on ebay or craigslist if possible. Or, on here if I have any other petite ladies who like wearing cute dresses or might need some new jeans? (I have 25 pairs of jeans, I don't think I'll miss any!) I think my life needs a clean out- this will help my mental state too so I don't look around a room full of crap. But I swear it's not actual crap, just a lot of stuff!
Christina gave me the idea of going through my massive amounts of books and hawking them on Amazon. FUN! I'll put some stuff up there too!

This weekend, expect to see a blog post chronicling the massive cleanout. I will need my moms help, I don't think I can do it on my own!

Speaking of cleaning out and recycling.

I took myself out to lunch the other day. $9 dollar entrees be damned! I was craving Thai food after seeing the many other folks who enjoyed fried rice, or noodles, or just any kind of Asian food out there. I splurged and got a Pad Thai with tofu from the local Thai joint. And I made three meals out of it too! Do the math, can't get any cheaper for take out than that!

I ate it plain the first time around and then when I took it home I turned it into a funky veggie filled rice noodle cluster-something. I didn't have any stir-fry veggies, but I had green beans and baby broccoli. In the pan they went!

So did a quick stirfry sauce to liven up the joint.

1/4 cup wheat free tamari
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water
ginger (I used powdered..)
minced onion (from the spice cabinet)
garlic salt to taste.
I threw in a handful of shrimp to "fish" it up a bit.

It kind of looks gross doesn't it?????

Hey I'm not complaining! It was cheaper than tossing it and starting over, and I didn't waste and food! Recycle Recycle!

What's one thing you could "clean out" of your life? Too many books, stuffed animals, clothes, movies... boyfriends.. anything that will improve your mental state as well as your wallet! lol


  1. Yay for all of those sites - so much easier than a yard sale!

    Ohh I think your little stir fry creation looks good! Gosh that's a LOT of food for leftovers, and you're right $3 a meal ain't bad!!

    I need to "clean out" stress and tasks that I haven't done. I need to make a list and either get them done, or just realize I'm not ever going to do them and drop them. Sometimes I feel like I have a reel of "to do list" playing in my head. I need to stop stressing about it!

  2. haha! That actually sounds delish!

    I have too many textbooks..I wonder if my profs would mind if I recycled those... Hmmm

  3. my room is honestly over-flowing with random stuff.. it's kind of ridiculous. I have been putting off my "spring cleaning" for about 3 years now.

    p.s. thanks for making me laugh today.. love ya girl :)

  4. I don't think it looks gross at all!

    I need to clean out all the papers I have. I always print articles and studies I read, I'm collecting way too many! It's not like I read them all, more than once.

    To answer your question about the vitamin D, you may not necessarily notice any physical change. What were you expecting, exactly? Vitamin D has been shown to increase immunity, and may play roles in prevention of many cancers, but there aren't any acute physical signs you will notice. Although I have read that low vitamin D may cause inability to lose weight.

  5. I don't do resolutions either--because I never keep them. I've been going through and cleaning out all my shit too. It was at the point that my dresser drawers literally would not close.

    One thing I could clear out of my life? My crazy brain? J/K But honestly, the thing I'm trying hard to clear out are all the remaining eating disorder behaviors. I want this thing gone!

    I have way too many books and CDs but I can never get rid of any of them.

  6. thanks for the congrats about the contest lol, i won this cool organization/list bundle from eatingbender! yum pad thai! i love that stuff. ohh i have too much clutter in my life. i recently cleaned out my closet and put alllll the unwanted clothes in huge hefty bags with the idea of selling them at Crossroads, but so far they've just been getting a tour of Northern CA from the trunk of my car. I have to drop them off and hopefully get some $ out of it!

  7. I just cleaned out my dresser- I donated so many clothes I don't wear anymore, it was amazing!

  8. girl that looks good to me!! blahh i wish i could clean out sweating the small stuff!

  9. Stir-fries are always wonderful for cleaning out the fridge! I have yet to throw anything truly unappealing into one, short of trying to utilize expired greens or anything like that.

  10. I don't know that there's anything I would clean out of my life... There used to be but I think it's pretty much all been cleaned out at this point... I guess it's a good thing??