Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to The Grind

Hey! Happy Monday everyone..

More bad news! It looks like I have to "log in" when I want to read blogs that aren't on blogspot or wordpress (like... if you have your own domain and not a .wordpress or .blogspot blog). And since I already used Facebook and "logged in" I can't do it again. It's definitely not a technical Blogger problem, it's a work problem! I swear they are out to get me!

I'm trying to figure out what to do though about my schedule; Christina you are SO right, it is the fear of the unknown to not provide a more flexible schedule. Why DO I have to be chained to my desk? I have routed my phone calls through my home phone many times before. And I can work just as hard at home as I do here. I already don't chat much with my co-workers, and yea maybe I would end up talking to my cat more.. but at least I would be home! Haha! We'll see what happens!

Well I don't have too much to offer you, the weekend was a slow one. Friday night the Peanut and I ate diner together and stuffed ourselves into bed and watched TV. I fell asleep by 10. Hmmmm. Wow! I'm so awesome!

But here is what we ate:

Sweet potato fries and popcorn chicken.

Sweet potato fries were all natural, low sodium, lightly seasoned, high in Vitmain A, etc, plus super yummy!
The popcorn chicken was the complete opposite..... BUT they were yummy! So who cares?!

Saturday I had a moms night out with Jessica. We went to Havanna night club in Cambridge which is where our dance class goes to party it up all the time. So we went! It was awesome, I danced a lot, good thing the atmosphere is like a big dance class and not like a club!
It was fun to get my groove on with my SIL. We had so much fun...
Here are me and the Peanut before I left to go out.

She took a picture of me, but it came out dark and scary.. lol Just know that I looked cute ok?!

Well back to the drawing board for me. I want to be able to read all your blogs today! We'll see how that works out for me!!!


  1. Hey, there :)
    I hope you can work out your schedule to make it more flexible. I´m sure you can do it!
    Oh, and thanks for the comment. I´m so excited for my trip :D
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  2. I hate work! I'm having my own work breakdown right now and so instead of doing all the things I desperately need to do, I'm reading blogs. Good strategy, Jessie.

    Anyway, that is such a beautiful picture of you and Peanut.

    I love the Havanna night club! I really miss Cambridge.

    Hang in there!

  3. I think they're also afraid that the ppl that HAVE to be there will bitch and they want to keep their whining down. But J just had an opportunity where he was able to work from home on a project for 2 months. Only employee in his company to have EVER done that. At first they were all like "let's keep this on the down low," afraid that others would complain. But nobody cared! It was never mentioned, there were no complaints, and when he did go into work everybody was friendly and nice still - not resentful!

    haha love that comment about the chicken being the exact opposite! hehe Did you get those fries in the healthy frozen section already cut up and washed? I cheat and get those too, if they are! :P

    Great pic of you and Peanut! I wish I lived there so we could go and have fun dancing. I'd never go alone and I don't know anybody here to go w/!

  4. Christina..** yes! they were those frozen fries! so yummy!! and YES! I wish you could come out dancing too!**

  5. a yi yi - sorry about the technical difficulties sweets! why can't computers ever be easy?!

  6. haha, sounds like work is watching you like Big Brother!

    Such a cute picture of you and your Peanut :)

    Regarding your question on my blog, I got the Pasta Slim in them ail from someone who works there. They saw a comment on someone else's blog, which I had written (I had said I want to try it!) and they e-mailed me to see if I wanted to try it. Check out your grocery store's organic section, it may be there. We don't hav eit here in Ohio though :(

  7. aw what a cute pic! that's craziness about the work internet situation, how lame of them to control that stuff! i love sweet potato fries, i like how yours are cut all perfectly!

  8. First off, your daughter is too cute!!

    Second Im a new reader, and kudos to you for balancing your life so great with the food allergies, Im sure it is tough, so kudos to you!!

    I love going out with the girls and dancing, it's fun, need to more often!!

  9. So cool you are a young mom too : )

    I am so glad I found your blog! Yes Alexandria is really nice, just moved here last June, really enjoying it!!!

    Have a great night girl!!!!

  10. Oh what a pretty picture!

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  11. I hope you worked out the log-in thing.

    Man, I'm so glad you got a night out!! You and O are so flipping cute... for true!

  12. Hooray for a Mom night in AND out! You can never go wrong with popcorn chicken!

    LOVE the last picture - she's getting so big!