Friday, January 22, 2010

When You Have Been Failed

Part of my mental health makeover was to revamp my work schedule a little bit. You know, try to spend more time with the babies, since I don't get home usually till about 6:30 or so..then it's bed time at 7:30.. my company should try and support me in my efforts to be a better worker/mom right?


I didn't ask for a reduced work week, or reduced hours, and still I get shot down to accommodate our current goal of meeting certain metrics. The people who came up with these metrics either have spouses who stay at home, or are business women who are not married or have children. Go figure right?

So I am back to square one to figure out how I am going to spend more time with my daughter. Any suggestions besides calling in sick more and making up excuses to leave early?

And moving onto food..
I have almost a full days worth of food for you guys to see! GASP!

Breakfast! I had a Glutino bagel w/ Tofutti "Better than cream cheese" Holy toledo, this was my first time having the Tofutti cream cheese, it was pretty darn good! It was pretty close to the real stuff. Cheese fiends.. this is no sub for Laughing Cow cheese wedges, but it is right up there with the taste and wow factor for creaminess! I loved it!

Up next.. LUNCH! I don't typically post up pictures of my lunch. Why? Because they are boring. Same thing everyday. "Fruit salad"

And some kind of soup.
I know this is difficult to see anything, but there are beans, tomatoes, onion, potatoes, and turkey sausage. Oh yea and some beef stock. My mom made it! I would have added a few more spices and a little salt. She has high blood pressure though and doesn't add salt to anything!

And then usually I round it all out with a little cracker love.

These are the Mary's Gone crackers. I *heart* Mary's Gone. Why did they name them Mary's Gone? From the sounds of the "story" found here; I think it was because she was always running out of them! Good thing they are mass-produced now!
Because I've been so short on time and energy lately I've been doing wrong and turning to my favorite combo. Rice mix and some kind of extra veggie or protein. In this case: Goya Mexican rice and shrimp. It takes 20 minutes and the most pain in the ass thing is taking the shrimp tails off the cold shrimp. My fingers always freeze.
I know these things have a lot of sodium, but I don't care. They are so good it's worth drinking the extra water and doing jumping jacks to sweat it all out!
One package of the Goya rice usually gives me 2 meals worth of food. So I can pre-make dinner for the next night too!

Well that about rounds up my day of food! I try to make sure I have dessert too- usually in the form of hot chocolate and a Luna bar. Sugar shock before bed I know! Ha!

Hey all, Happy freakin' Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Boo to your work! Would they let you telecommute any? You've mentioned being able to switch your home phone over to take calls, can't you do that one day a week?? I hate when companies run stuff "by the book" just b/c it's how it's always been done. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to switch your schedule, leave a little early, or work from home if you're completing your job duties. It's pointless to sit literally chained to a desk "just b/c."

    Love the gyoza rice pic! Haven't tried that, but it looks sooooo good.

  2. aw I hate your work! this breaks my heart :( any way you could bring the peanut with you?!?!

    Hope everything gets figured out boo boo! xo

  3. aww so sorry girl :(
    good luck w. everything!

  4. I hate work. I'm with Jenny--I think you should take the peanut with you. I hate that there are so many office policies that were obviously designed by people who have no concept of family life and who just don't care.

    And I love Mary's Gone Crackers! So good.

  5. Sorry Amy :( that sounds really rough, i was def the "daycare" kid, my parents both worked 8 to 5-ers and raced in traffic every day to get me from school. My mom always feels really bad that she missed out on stuff and wasn't a "stay at home" mom, but I loveeee her soo soo much and i know they were both working hard to support their own lil peanut :D You are an awesome mom and I hope u can figure out a good option!!! xoxo

  6. man, you must be so frustrated! i literally cannot understand why companies place such a low value on family time and vacation time. not saying that everyone should only work til noon or whatever, but at the end of the day, a job is a job. and spending one more hour a day with your kid is way more important than any business!!! i'm sorry they arent more willing to work with you but peanut loves you SO MUCH and just that fact and the fact that everything you are doing is to make her life happier and better counts for the world!!!

  7. aww, I know what you mean... they should totally be more flexible! Ha ha or hire more people so the senior staffers can get the better shifts... hmph

    hope things turn around for you!

    cheers, -Chris.

  8. That's dumb why can't you telecommute a few days a week... Let's write up a report about how it saves companies money to do this!