Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All The Small Things

Good day people! How are you? It's been so long since I visited.. I literally have had a million things I could be blogging about, and the pics to prove it and I have NOTHING to say! Me? Speechless? Is that even possible? I ALWAYS have something to say!
Couple things..

I did not babysit.

I'm not sure what happened, but drama unfolded. I really don't like being compared to homewreckers, hookers, or hoodrats nor do I like dealing with them! At any rate- SIL found someone else to watch the kids, even though despite the drama I was willing to do it and jumped through several hoops to get it all set up. But in the end, it was just me and the Peanut all weekend. Cheaper, quieter, less stress all around. End of story. OK. Enough of me blabbering!

Saturday I used my coupon to Qdoba given to me by one of my co-workers. I forgot to properly thank him, so I will publicly out him and say THANKS FOR THE COUPON MIKE! He donated blood, and I got to eat. Whooooo! And here's what we had!

Peanut's plate: chips, with a chicken taco- hold the guac and the sour cream. She was holding her taco, I was stealing chips..

My plate- I got one of those "pick 2" kind of deals.. tortilla soup (the effing bomb there!) and a grilled quesadilla. I know what you are thinking, CHEESE? FLOUR? GIRRRRRLLLLLL? Every once in a while, I just can't help myself. I'm only happy that my reaction to cheese and gluten merely involves a stomach ache and a mild rash on my right leg. Bizzare yea. Tolerable enough to eat cheese and flour tortilla's once in a while? YEA.

I love this soda.. it has 2 servings of fruit in it- so I was happy!

The rest of the weekend went like this.. bike riding, sleeping, bike riding, sleeping, working out, eating, bike riding, sleeping. Are you noticing a pattern here? I have a child who loves to be outside riding her bike, I can't say no to that! But let's just say if C was home, I'd being saying no to something else becaues my ass feels like.... well. I just won't go there!

I totally have MORE MORE MORE to say, so I might be behind in my blogging a bit- just bear with me.. I'll get up to date and you might see a post from May sometime soon. OK?!

Hugs to everyone, I'll also be working on catching up on my dang google reader.. I feel so lost without you all!


  1. Mmmmm Qdoba!

    Ironically I have an IZZE shirt but have never tried the stuff.

  2. Miss u girl! I have not been blogging as much either! I have never had Qdoba! My fiance says it is good! I need to try it!!!! I love chips and salsa!!!! I could cram those!!!! They are a weakness food for me!!

    I got that dress at forever 21! They have the best sh@*!!!! lol!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comments girl, always making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Oh and that is my friend Kareem!!! hehehe!!!

  3. ahhh that soda looks SO amazing. and so does the food, but you know when you see a drink and you just KNOW that it tastes amazing? well that's how i feel about your soda! xo

  4. I can't eat Qdoba anymore. J's mom got in the habit of having us pick it up EVERY week for a few months and the thought of it just makes me sick. Which really sucks b/c I used to love it!!

    I miss you too! I got your email and will write back when I have a chance!

  5. My husband LOVES Izze too. I prefer water. Love qdoba though :)

  6. I am not offended at all! I actually appreciated your comment! Yesterday was my last time taking them. I am switching back to my natural pro-biotic. I take one every morning just to keep things "regular" : ) do you use a video for pilates, if so which one?
    Thanks for the comment. <3

  7. haha i totally thought of that good charlotte song when i read 'all the small things' lol... glad you had fun and used your coupon!!!

    I LOVE cheese and a life w/o cheese...welll i would be VERY sad to say the least haha