Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Would Walk 100 Miles...

Hi dears! How is every one's week going??? It's going fabulously over here. Just so you know, this is my 100th post on this blog!!!! What what now? I've been around much longer though, just on a different site. : ) So exciting!

Yesterday we had a meeting at work. Typically, they are snoozers, especially when it involves low lights and NO food. The only way I stay awake in meetings is by sucking down Diet Crack. Damn our "healthymagination" campaign!!!!!

Way back in the day one of my friends used to work for my company in the same department. She used to take notes during meetings like crazy. I thought she was nuts until I asked her one day what her notes were on, because I was barely keeping my eyes open and she was furiously scribbling away. Turns out she had notebooks full of grammer and word mistakes done by whoever was leading the meeting. My poor boss. God love him, but I think he has the same public speaking disease I have where your mouth moves faster than your brain does and you combine words, mix up sentences, etc.

I thought I would share some of my thoughts I had during the meeting, because I decided to do a new approach- where I just wrote down whatever I was thinking about. Because it sure as hell wasn't about processes, IT systems, and escalations. Along with some food commentary. I'm in a very strange mood right now. Sorry!

1. BORED. BORED. BORED. Why can't we learn something NEW?!

(Rice works, sea salt chips, consumed at my desk... something NEW!)
2. I wonder if we will be out in time for me to run to Dunkins?

(no such luck.. natural sugar it is!!! Funky Monkey bananas!!)
3. I need to stop at the hair salon, my hair feels like crap- I ran out of my Morrocanoil- I wonder if anyone notices my crappy fluffball of hair..

(speaking of fluffballs....)
4. Just looked at the white board. Thought it said PORN. Rubbed my eyes. Looked again. OH MAN, it says PORTAL.
(a food word that sorta ryhmes with ____ NOOCH- sprinkled on top of steamed veggies. Am I the only one who thinks the code word for nutrional yeast sounds dirty? haha)
5. Scott's going to Prague????? Why the hell didn't they ask me to go???

Cuz I can't leave my little superstar for two weeks.. that's why.. she needs help with the laundry, playing piano and annoying the cat (see her in the background???)

Anyway, that's all I got! I gotta go to lunch! Time to sign up the superstar for SUMMERCAMP!!!!!!!!! happy almost weekend!


  1. Nooch does sound so dirty!!!! lol!!!! I thought that too!!!

    I love the random thoughts that go through your mind when your in meetings!!! lol! U are so cute!!

    I hope you have a fab weekend!!!!!! Yay for summer camp for your little princess!!!!!

    I love green mile!!!!!!!! Its one of my fave movies ever!!!!!! xoxo

  2. This post was so full of life and energy! love it!

    nooch? hahahahahahaha amazing.

    i definitely need some deep conditioner, as soon as i get a chance to go somewhere that sells decent conditioner i will have to buy some! so much of my hair was coming out, it was quite unnerving! xo

  3. Lol, I definitely get words mixed up with my dirty mind, too. The Funky Monkey bananas look really good. Not regular fried banana chips!