Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Memorial Day weekend is a brief memory for me. It seems so far away, even though it was only just the other day. Anyone else have time feel like it's flying by but it's moving at a snail's pace? I suppose.. since it's already Hump Day - the week is half over and I shouldn't be complaining! But I realized that I never posted anyrthing from Mem Weekend.. how can I ditch you like that?! Crazy me!

So for starters, I worked on Monday.. What? That's un-American isn't it??? But it was for a good cause- I was making the OT. I realize that I don't talk about money very often- but I'm wayyyy struggling. So that one day of working, paid for one week of camp for the Peanut. And I will gladly give up a nice holiday if it means she gets a week of learning and fun and excitement. And it was NICE outside! I couldn't believe it!

Let's run down the schedule here.. Friday was the 28th- the 27th was my parents 33rd anniversary. Holy crap! And they are still going strong- even though they drive each other crazy. Well anyway, my grandmother ordered Chinese food for us.. naturally, not asking anyone what they wanted besides my father- who wants IT ALL! So nothing came that I could eat, so I picked at the rice, ate an egg roll and called it a day. My grandmother got upset- but hey- what can you do?

Saturday, I got up early and worked out.. then the Peanut and I went for a long bike ride- it was nice to get out in the bright morning sunshine. She is doing great at bike riding now- trying to do tricks and all that. Meanwhile, I'm behind her screaming STOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! OMG WHAT ARE YOU CRAZYYYYYY!!!?!??!! Mama can't afford no ER trips!!! This kid is going to have to be in a BUBBLE till she's 18! Mild stroke over and done with and we went shopping!
She needed a bathing suit, new dresses for church, and new shorts. Oh and new sneakers. Got all that and went food shopping. My favorite part of the day! We stocked up on Larabars, fruits and veggies (I buy frozen veggies cuz I'm LAZY) and some new snackies to supplement the cans of tuna and big container of yogurt I have. Here are some of the goods...
(this I am dying to try!!!! I need to find some ground turkey in my freezer- all you do is add salsa, and ground meat.. and DONE! Hamburger Helper.. but GF and DF style.. Yay!!!!!)

I picked this up cuz it was on sale.. I'm not sure I'll like it because blueberries do awful things to my stomach. I'm hoping because they are not fresh I'll be ok! It just looks SO YUMMMMY!

I thought of Sarah when I saw these.. This is nut free.. and tastes yum.. It's a little on the sweet side- so I would use it in plain yogurt- I put mine in vanilla and it was a bit TOO sweet. Still- nutrition wise- this was on par..

I can't wait to try these either. What should I put on them? A veggie burger? A huge juciy hamburger? Chicken????

I think that's about it.. So let's go over to Sunday! Another celebration for my parent's anniversary! We had a cookout and had all the cousin's and siblings over. It was a fun little gathering.. tons of food to be found. Here was my plate..

I was carbo-loading.. we have chicken, beans, and Goya Mexican rice. Gotta love it! Also consumed were some chips, and lots of pink lemonade. No dessert, because the Peanut and I were on our way to a birthday party for Melo.
I won't even get into what happened at the party. Let's go with the good stuff. Or semi-good stuff.

Note to parents.... Bouncy house + 90 degree weather + 20 kids does not = FUN. It was cool for about 5 minutes. But I got some good pictures!
Lissette on the bouncy house- she had wayy too much fun!
Birthday boy. He is crabby cuz he is wearing a Yankee shirt- GO SOX! Nani- one of my nieces, she is too cute!

Well that is about it! Hope everyone is having an AWESOME week!!!!! I'll be blog reading so look for my comments... ; )


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww well Im glad you worked Monday then if it meant peanut going to camp! Got to make that money!

    Loving the pics of the cute kids!! So sweet!!!

    Glad you had a great wknd and love the goodies you got too!!! Yay for stocking up on larabars too!

    love you girl!!

  2. such a good mom, working on vacation so that peanut can go to camp! so worth it! there will be many more weekends for lazing around :)

  3. Aww I'm sure Liv appreciates it - camp is awesome!

    Love the GF/DF Hamburger Helper knock off! How awesome is that? It's one of the things I miss most w/ J's allergy is that I can't just go to quick things like that. Everything has to be from-scratch, which gets old.

  4. Sorry you had to work Monday! You're such a good mommy, and I'm sure Peanut appreciates it.
    By the way, I'm SO excited for you to move (I know it's not for awhile but still). We can have a Glee marathon and go to dance classes ; )

  5. I remember when Hannah was little - the summer camps were so expensive! I think with before and after care (going back 10 years!) it was like $200 for the week! But, she learned to swim there and is now a fish, so I am thankful!

    JOIN MY SUMMER CHALLENGE! It's not too late - just send me an email at and tell me what your summer goals are!

    Christina's doing it! :D

  6. Youre such a good mom, working on Monday to send your little girl to camp! And it sounds like you guys had some fun on your bike ride.

    I tried that granola once. The one that I bought was very I almost broke my teeth off? But maybe it was just a bad batch, or it was stale. I don't know.

    Your niece and nephew are adorable!