Thursday, June 10, 2010

We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun

Happy Thursday to all, today is the BIG Audit day.. yesterday was just a prep! So I have my monkey suit on, ready to rock the Support world with my insane skills and ability to help customers out.

Yea right. And then I woke up!

But I do have my suit on today. And my fancy shoes.. I usually wear jeans and sneakers to work, so this is a challenge. It's harder to run down the hall to get a glass of water, I have slow down and strut. Lol, no I don't have to, but I do anyway!

Since I don't have a lot of time, I'll just get to it. I was so exhausted today, I failed to wake up in time to do my yoga, or anything else for that matter. I raced out the door, my eyes kinda bleary.. only woken up by my injection of coffee in the form of an-ultra fine powder. Seriously, if I could snort this stuff I would.

I forgot to snap a picture of my super yummy breakfast, but it looked kinda like my lunch yesterday.. (my tummy still hurts from my near accidental intestinal suicide yesterday..)

Delish! I hope to be having a giveaway again really really soon! So you might have a shot at winning some of those Justin's squeeze packs. I literally ripped it open and licked the wrapper clean. Nice image, no?

The cat is sick.. she has a massive ear infection... I legit feel REALLY bad for her. She has been testy lately (even more so than she usually is) and yesterday morning she was sitting with her left ear flat and her head tilted to one side.. I grabbed her and looked in her ear- there is was. Junk! Yuck! My dad took her to the vet.. she was so scared, it took three people (my dad, the vet, and a tech) to hold her down - plus she was bundled in a blanket. Kitty is FIERCE!!!!!! Hopefully she'll get better fast though!! She is certainly riding the sympathy train to fat-ville because she is complaining for food around the clock and I kept feeding her cuz I feel bad!
Peanut and I made corn muffins last night too.. I should clarify.. I made them, she licked the bowl clean.. But these, were delicious.. seriously.. the best ever since I went GF/DF..

I'll definitely be buying these again!

Well darlings, I'm off to finish up my work. Hopefully I don't get us all fired or something today.. Have an awesome Thursday.. I'll be checking in on all your bloggies later today!!!!!


  1. I used to work in a boutique lawfirm on Michigan Avenue in Chicago - had to dress to the 9's every day!

    So glad my office I work at now is casual! Plus, I can't fit into any of my nice clothes anymore! :(

    Happy Thursday! I'll have to email you Hannah's email to me from Germany - she made it safe!

  2. I like hearing from you everyday!!

    I got those VIA samples from Starbucks - haven't tried them yet. I'm not a big coffee drinker.

    Aww poor kitty, hope she feels better soon. I hate when pets are sick, it breaks my heart!

    And yes I'm gonna be on the east coast this summer! Can't take this Chicago weather, it still really hasn't warned up to my liking. haha I'm heading to my parents (Outer Banks, NC) the beginning of July and plan on being there like 6 wks. J is going to join me the last 2 wks - he's never been in the summer before. Boy needs to learn about where I came from!

  3. Hey dear, My apologies that I haven't been commenting lately. I love your blog, as always. The maple almond butter looks delicious!