Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scheduling Problems

Holy crapola.. I'm watching America's Got Talent over here. What is wrong with people?!?! I'm sorry- but some people gotta check themselves wayyyyyyy before they wreck themselves.. um, on National Television?! But the secret performer in me really would love to be on that show! But some of these performances are incredible!

I spent some time tonight working on some dance moves, my big goal for the summer is to get ispired and do some more work-out videos for you guys..like I did here..

So today I was absolutely a big ole mess. Tired, cranky, tired, and cranky. I think that yesterday caught up with me! I was falling asleep waiting for the Peanut to get out of dance class. So I came home and ate my dinner, ran some errands, and here I am in bed- waiting for AGT to be over so I can HIT the sack HARD.

My eats for the day:

This is my gluten-free bread with Tofutti "cream cheese" and some raspberry preserves, a sweet and easy way to start the day..

SNACKS! Add in an Attune bar as well- and those are my snackies for the day. If it looks like I eat ALL day long, it's because I basically do. Also unpictured was a big bowl of my Sweet Potato soup I had yesterday.
** Slight interjection.. I FREAKIN' HATE BLOGGER! It is IMPOSSIBLE to easily upload pictures.. Blogger, you s**k!**

This was my dinner! I bought it at the grocery store earlier today, these are super easy to just heat in the microwave. And I was definitely looking for a quick dinner!
Dessert was more chocolate.. of course.. HAHA!

And I did get in somewhat of a workout- 30 minutes of Pilates this morning and some dance tonight!

So does anyone else have a rigid schedule when it comes to food? And it is a natural hunger cue or are you "hungry" because it's time to eat? Like for example, you eat a snack at 10:30 because.. that's snack time. And a snack at 3:30 because, it's snack time! And dinner at 7:15 because it's time? That's how I am most of the time, and everytime I try to switch it up or my schedule gets switched up, my body is like.. ohh hell no.. not doing this today to me!!!! (insert head bob and finger snapping here). Do you think that sometimes we just get into a schedule and then our body adjusts to that? Like for me today- at afteroon "snack time" I was on the phones, unable to reach behind me and get my snack. Dammmiiittttttttttt.... I wanted something!!!

Well. I'm off to bed. Let's try to have a non-tired and cranky day tomorrow, m'k? I think I bit a few people's heads off at work, I'll have to kiss some butt!!!!


  1. I really really hated that about blogger...I could only upload 5 photos at a time and I always got the order mixed up and it was just so annoying. Because they upload backwards. Wordpress is so much better in that sense. I'm really happy I switched.

    About hunger cues..I don't really have them. Eating disorders stole my hunger cues and I never got them back. I eat mechanically...at the allotted time each day. I'm flexible with it, but usually I know that every 4 hours or so I should eat something, even if it's just something small. I'm not sure why I never get hungry..maybe if I stopped the whole mechanical eating thing I do then my body would react, but I'm nowhere near ready for intuitive eating.
    I do think some peoples' bodies adjust over time and that if you eat at the same time every day, you will get hungry if you don't do it one day.

  2. I love tofu products and i've been wanting to try the tofutti cream cheese! does it taste ANYTHING like tofu?

    i definitely don't have a rigid schedule. in b/p modei'll eat constantly, and in restrictive mode i'll simply not eat until i absolutely have to. not very healthy... but in moderation generally i have a meal at 7, snack at 10, meal at 1,dinner around 5, and post-gym snack at about 9. 6 small portions of about 100-400 calories.
    that's what my nutritionist had suggested at least. it seems to work! in moderation :P i never get uncomfortably full and feel like purging on that system, so it's pretty nice.

    but yeah, they mention on http://www.jewfaq.org/fasttips.htm that your body prepares to digest food at that time if you make yourself a schedule (i'm fasting 10 days starting monday and i've been doing some research and i read that yesterday). so you're right!

    hope tomorrow goes better for you.

  3. Yumm, so delicious! When I return from Russia, I plan on doing a shopping day and buying some of the food you have on here :)

    And, I know this is rather random, but you do have a marvelous wedding ring!

  4. I generally go by the time as to when to eat. If I plan a snack at 10:30 but am not really hungry, I'll hold off. i like when I am NOT hungry and can either skip a snack or hold off.

    I try to be thankful that Blogger has a lot of nice features and that it free. That being said, I HATE the picture uploading system too! I only post 2 - 4 pictures on my recipe blog and have yet to post any pictures on my diet blog. If I photographed everything and posted pictures, it would take SOOOOO much time! So I just struggle with my pictures on my recipe blog for now.

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