Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Subliminal Messages

God speak to me sometimes through tea bags.

No really, I swear! I kid you not.. the last few times I have had my tea, something has been going on and my flippin' tea bag had an all important message to me.

I was having a rotten day at work late last week. Isn't every day a rotten day?! But this one was topping the cake. I couldn't wait till 5 pm, I was snapping at people in my head.. asking myself why do I stay here? Why are people sooooo stupid?? Can't I just quit and be among the other people who just quit their jobs for no reason?

Nope! Stay put!

And change the way you think about it!

Saturday morning, Charlie and I were having a bad talk. I had been grumpy the last couple of days because work was heating up and he thinks I'm leaving when I get upset. See above.
Well, I was tired. And quiet. And there he was asking if I still wanted to do this with him.. and I kinda bit his head off. Told him to chill out!!!! I'm here dang it! And I'm gonna be here!!!! I did apologize because I didn't mean to speak to him so harshly. I felt bad, and I told him, I needed him just as much as he needs me. Then I cracked open my tea bag.

I think I need to send him this picture!

Yesterday, was the day before I got my you know what. And you know ladies, there is always that ONE day in your cycle where you feel like the world can't stop you- and no matter what you come out on top? That was that day for me. In a desperate attempt to try and make me look bad a certain baby mama told a certain thing about me that she heard from a "reliable source". 1. It wasn't me 2. It still wasn't me and 3. It was totally not me and wasn't true. But I got the chance to finally stick up for myself. You guys know that she is a source of a lot of problems for Charlie, their daughter, my daughter, and his family. She saw my sister at Wal-mart with her boyfriend... and said it was ME! WHAT? So anyway, one thing led to another and I let her have it, in the nicest way possible. I hate drama, but when my dignity and moral foundation is on the line, I just can't tolerate it and have to speak up.

It was interesting to say the least and I learned a lot more about her in that hour long conversation than I care to know. And the good thing was, I had the upper hand the whole time. Not that I was keeping score, but if this thing ever comes back to haunt me one day, I know that I was 1. honest 2. respectful and 3. in the right in defending myself. I felt bad about freaking out about it later but then I thought about it and I patted myself on the back.

I may not be a supermodel in the making like her, but there is one thing I will never be. A manipulative looney tunes!

Anyway, I'm getting back to work!!!! I hope you guys are having an AWESOME week so far! I'll be heading home tonight to work out- I didn't a chance to this morning, I couldn't sleep last night.. these flamingos showed up in the middle of the night and were squaking all night long.... sheeeeeesh!!!!

(fundraiser at church.. I'll be taking pics of when we move the flock to another location... muahahahahahaha!!!!!!)


  1. always be pure, simple, and honest. love that.

  2. Living your life through tea bag sayings - love it!

    Sending huge hugs your way Amy!

  3. That's really quite amazing how much the tea bags coincide with your life. I love it!