Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rock Those Carbs

What up fools? Lordy, I have no idea why I'm in such a looney mood today! It must be the heat and the humidity! It has been suffocating lately and no relief with the rain either! Dang Mother Nature, rain for a few hours already! Although I will regret it when it does.. I went for a walk today at lunch time and almost died. It was so humid, I could barely catch a breath! Felt like I was breathing in steam..

Well. Today.. I have some extra special news. This weekend, sometime, I should have a new video done for you guys. What what now? It has literally been a YEAR since I've done one. I've been listening to a new song on repeat, dancing it out in my head, and it's actually working on my feet. So get ready for some fun!

I am "kid-free" for a couple of days, since I babysat my niece for TWO WEEKS, my sister offered to take Olivia for THREE DAYS. Let's not talk about the fairness of that trade-off!! But I'm happy, I can dance like a lunatic every night without the Peanut laughing at me.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my shoes! I love them too, and I got them for rock bottom price a while ago. I could never afford a pair of Manolos, so to say that I feel pretty SATC over a pair of Carlos Santanas.. it's like upgrading from Walmart to Saks. :)

Alright, you wanna know about my food! No? Too bad, I'm spillin'! Almond Butter. The jar is almost gone and I just opened the thing a week ago! Fillin' my body with healthy fats!!!! Yippee!

So I've been getting diagnosed over the phone for my lack of energy and lack of well anything. Charlie's friend thinks I am anemic. "Seriously man, she can't go without meat, what is she thinking? She needs meat on those bones". Thanks Dude!!! Another lectured him on the importance of eating carbs, and since Charlie thinks all I eat is peanut butter and canned tuna (so what if I do?!?!) he in turn told me all about how carbs turn into energy. I let him talk, then pointed out that I was a Chemistry major with a minor in Health/Nutrition for two years in college. No I didn't!!!! I'm not gonna blow up his spot like that! Poor guy!!! I was impressed he absorbed that much info about it though!

But since I love my baby, I'm dedicating my dinner to you babycakes. Fajitas! Veggie ones, I didn't feel like defrosting any meat. (Sorry Dude I don't know who thinks I'm anemic!) But these were an EASY, TASTY, way to get in some carbos.

And now ladies and gents. I'm back to strap on my dance shoes and prance around the kitchen like a fool. Don't laugh, you wish you were with me!!!!!


  1. oh hooray for dancing!! i love dancing around my bedroom in a nice pair of heels and with a good british pop band on in the background x)

  2. Maple almond butter actually sounds kinda good right now with some crackers... Never had it before but I'll try anything once.

  3. @ Sasha- YES GIRL!!!! love it!
    @ Alee- you gotta try this stuff seriously! im willing to send you packets of it.. i buy in bulk.. haha

  4. I love to dance too and wish i had a sister who would take my 15 month old off my hands for just a day:-). I love those shoes too(prior post). Thank you for stopping by today!!

  5. Hmm..I don't think people you don't even know can diagnose you! your lack of energy could be from any number of things. It could be from your diet- ie not getting enough carbs, not getting enough protein, not getting enough iron, not eating enough in general OR it could be something different...hormonal, mental, whatever! It's between you and your doctor to figure it out. But I don't think you need to start eating daily steaks in order to raise your energy levels (unless of course, you want to).

    Yay for dancing videos! I wasn't around when you made the first videos but I clicked back and watched a few. You are an amazing dancer! Can't wait to watch more. And I hope you enjoy your "alone" time while Olivia's at your sister's.

  6. I wish i were dancing with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG girl I freaking LOVE that your sexy ass sent me the address to the forever 21 that will be near me!!! U freaking are my hero!! lol!!


    Too funny, I always have friends saying you should be on one of those housewives show and I thought EXACTLY what you did, I am too sweet and have no drama, those girls on those shows would eat me alive!!! lol!!!!

    Now if I had you I would do that! And I love the idea of a Hollys World Kind Of Show!!!! Come move in! U seriously need to come visit though! I hope we do meet up one day for sure!!!

    U are so sweet , and I love ya to pieces!!!!!!!

    Have a great day! xoxoxoxo