Thursday, June 3, 2010

101 Days Till..

Last night I was lying in bed wondering what my problem was. I have been hungry. And tired. And tired of being hungry and tired. Mood swings, stomach problems. Headaches and bodyaches. I've been stressed out about money, work, life, planning, not having any support from C's family, etc. It doesn't help that I've also been in a pollen induced coma lately due to the high pollen count around here. It's all overwhelming sometimes and I want to snap. Instead I usually just cry. Yesterday "prevening" I did and I thought there might be some solace in my yoga mat. I did an hour and a half of yoga and damn did it feel GREAT. I loved every second of it. It reminded me of my old runner's high.. I've been having a lot of pain in my foot, so running is out- even though it's still ok to bike ride so far.. so biking is my only form of cardio lately... When I was done I was starving. Yoga burns mucho calories for me I think!
So anyway- while I was reaching deep into myself (my soul people... GOD YOU GUYS ARE GROSS!) I thought about how I should do a yoga challange- maybe that will distract my mind if I have a place to go for 30 minutes everyday where I can focus on not what is going wrong, but what my body is doing right. I'm not tooting my own horn here but I can go into some pretty freaky yoga poses just from being uber flexible in my hips. Oh man I miss my hubby... (sorry now I'm being gross)
Then I read Biz's blog today (by the way- nice new layout Biz!) and she started a 101 Days of Summer Challange. I missed the start date so technically I am going for 99 days of Summer... but Biz signed me up anyway!!!

My challenge to myself:
1. Eat more healthy fats.
- I don't count calories, but I'm not stupid. I'm not eating enough fat. Maybe that's why I've been such a bum lately.

2. Do at least 30 minutes of yoga daily.
- this may change as my body protests so much stretching. But I'm open to a couple of days of Pilates in exchange for yoga.

3. Biking 15 miles a week
- I don't know how I will keep track of mileage but I have a general idea of how far I can go based on my previous running routes.

Please note. I AM NOT trying to lose ANY more weight. I don't want to say what my weight is right now as that might trigger some people. Every body is different and carries their weight in different places. Right now, every pound I have is in my butt and my boobs. So if I have new readers coming over from different places, please don't ask what I weigh, I won't share!! *hugs*

What does this mean for the blog? I gotta start posting everyday.. FKGLODSL>A>A WHA?!!!
I knew you'd all be shocked! Even if it's just a little blip and there are no pictures. No humor. No jokes. No food. I'm gonna flippin' post everyday. If I happen to have an online stalker who reads everyday.. if I miss one, make sure you smack me.

I will try to have a little ditty on food and such that I'm eating, but I can't make any promises that some of my posts will be beyond.. "FML- I did my yoga. Now beat it." HAHA.

Here is my little badge to make it official.. Now I'm IN!

TODAY- I already did my yoga ; ) this morning, bright and early.. It was nice to go back to the mat after just doing a bunch of yoga last night.

FOOD: Using my leftover chicken, and throwing together many things I had hanging around my freezer, I managed to come up with a MEAL. *GASP!!!!!* I know you are all shocked! It's so easy! Even all you peeps who have commented and said you are terrible cooks, this was so terribly easy. Toss frozen veggies in a pan. Heat. Toss in sauce. Heat some more. Toss in grilled chicken. Heat some more and WhAMO.. we have a meal!

Here is what went into it... Some nice Gluten-free teriyaki sauce... It smelled
SO good! I loved it!

I should have thought of this the other day when everyone was eating Chinese and I was picking at rice and an egg roll!

Well thats all I got for you guys! I better get back to work over here. My phone call time is UP- time to work on EMAILS. BAHHHH!


  1. OMG I'm so happy you're in too! We can support each other!

    My goal was also not to lose any weight. Right now I'm just not happy w/ the proportion of my body and how it's choosing to carry its weight. So, like you I'm just concentrating on trying to move a bit more ea. day to feel better about it! Hopefully that will tone me up a bit, but overall I think it'll be healthier for me to try to moveeee more!

  2. Yay! your three goals sound really wonderful! I wish I could do it but I'll be on a missions trip most of the summer :( I'm excited you like yoga- I love yoga! I wish I were more motivated and wake up early to do it. so maybe all my motivation to do it is being sucked out and sent to you so you can do 30 minutes of yoga a day! :) I wouldn't mind ;)

  3. What a great challenge!! I think with all of the anxiety I have here in France, that some Yoga would do me good!
    Hope you're doing well!!

  4. Awwww, love!
    I´m so happy you found something to cheer you up! Going through all these mood swings, stomach problems and more must be awful. I´m glad Yoga is helping you - did you know my mother´s a yoga teacher? Hahaha :D
    Wish you all best, and I´m sorry for taking so long to write you back - specially after all those sweet comments!
    By the way - thank you, seriously.
    Have a great Friday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  5. Hi, I just found your blog through Biz's challenge. Great goals! I have a recipe blog and I just started a weight loss diary blog to document my weight loss. I might not post the most inspiring things either but at least I feel accountable to something. You have a follower, I'll be checking on you! :)