Wednesday, June 9, 2010

12 Step Program

Happy Hump Day everyone! Sorry for not posting last night! As you may know, or may not know; I am a major Glee fan. I love love love love that show!!! The season finale was on last night and I was glued to my TV for that whole hour, didn't move, just watched.. I laughed, I cried (yes bawled like a baby..). I was excited to see though they are going to re-play the entire season this summer- yay for re-runs!!!

So as for my excuse as to why I didn't post yesterday at all.. I'm not sure I have one! I did go to bed LATE on Monday, woke up Tuesday in kind of a daze, worked out a little before going to work.. but brought my stuff to work to go for a walk at lunch time..

Got the email we are being audited today and Thursday. I cleaned up my cube and made a little home for my voodoo doll I have.

I hope the auditors have a sense of humor!

Here's where we get a little personal again. I had a mini-meltdown last night because I realized that my digestive system has been slightly irregular lately. Ok, alot!!!!! I don't want to get into TMI, but years ago, when I was a little more crazy than I am now- I was majorly addicted to diet pills and laxatives. It caused my body months of chaos and stress and I really really believe that it led to my intolerance of several foods.. Since I haven't been eating up to snuff lately- when I do eat up to snuff- my body suffers. Long story short, last night I drank some Senna Leaf tea.. nope didn't do anything but make my stomach hurt like crazy. I've been on the verge of puking all morning so far and now am guzzling gingerale.. YUCK! I hope this sick feeling passes ASAP! I can't afford to vomit on the auditors shoes today!!!

(slight interjection.. those are my new glasses for those of you who "follow" me on Facebook when I announced I was a part of the four-eyed geek club.. cute aren't they?!)
So I'm hoping this doesn't adversely affect my workouts! I DID DO YOGA THIS MORNING! I'm still sticking with my plan, no worries!

New snack.. this was SO yummy! It tasted like peanut butter cookie dough.. YUMMMMM!

This coming weekend, I've got a bunch of things going on... I have to go to the consignment shop and giveaway most of my clothes and hope to make some money off of them. Then bring $500 dollars worth of stuff to the Salvation Army to donate. I'm getting rid of all of my clothes that are borderline too small for me and keeping all the clothes that are too big and fit just right. I'm throwing the Baby Bear out the window ok???? I'm tired of looking in my closet and seeing the old clothes, going, "oh my god, why can't I wear that anymore??".. So I won't look at them!

By the way, I'm also starting a Shoe-aholics Anonymous.. I need a 12 step program.. I am donating/selling 25 pairs of shoes. And I still have 20 pairs in my closet.. YIKES!


  1. Aww sorry to hear that you don't feel good! Have you tried the amazing grass on a regular schedule yet? That helped me out IMMENSELY in the digestive/regularity dept.

    Your new glasses are adooorable! I noticed them before you even said anything about them! CUTE! I used to like mine but now I don't.. boo.

    I'll join your shoe-aholics program! I lost count, but it's somewhere around 60 or 70. I USED to wear them all and loved making outfits based around shoes. But here w/ snow on the ground like 8 months out of the year I pretty much wear my cute boots then. Also, it's normal here to take your shoes off as soon as you get into somebody's house - which I never had to do on the east coast (they'd think you were rude - making yourself at home). So it's kind of pointless b/c anything that ties or laces or snaps is a big pain in the ass to put on just for a car ride, only to take off once you get there and then need to put back on just to walk to your car. I should go through and weed them out, but I don't want to yet. I'M NOT READY!!!! *hyperventilates*

  2. I'm sorry that you don't feel well! I had my own stint of popping diet pills, but my real problem was with laxatives...this was in high school for about a year... I took them all day long...after everything I ate and sometimes even when I didn't eat because I just wanted to feel empty. I'm sorry if this is an overshare, I just really understand what you mean..I think that this (among a predisposition and a whole host of other bodily abuse over the years) contributed to the pain, ibs, food intolerances, etc that I experience now. Its very upsetting but the important thing is that we have our heads on straight now and work with what we have. We can learn to manage the pain in our bodies.

    I love Glee too.. I haven't watched Tuesday's episode yet. And actually I didn't see all of last weeks episode because it got cut off (I was watching it online...those things are very unreliable) so I have a lot to catch up on. Its such a good show though, it reminds me of my drama geek days.