Thursday, June 17, 2010

Work Horse

It's Thursday already- T-G-I-F-F-R. Thank God It's Friday For Real! I can't wait until the weekend, I feel like I'm going insane over here! Work is work. End of quarter is coming up next week and I do all the returns... everyone of course waits until the last second to get stuff repaired and returned for credit. Makes my life misery!

Today was a rough one for sure. Right now I am chillin' in bed with the girls and we are watching The Lizzy MgGuire movie- love it!

So no one noticed the NEW LAY-OUT?! What?! I changed things up a little bit earlier at work when I was on the phone with someone. Shhh.. don't tell them!

Enough of that, what did I eat/do today?

Breakfast! nice and crispy waffles and sweet almond butter.. yummmmmmmm heaven!

My two snacks- and my tea bag.. another inspirational little blurb- I loved it. I am definitely a pretty compassionate person. I come across as crass, harsh, and politically incorrect but I care alot about everyone and am the first one in line to help an underdog. We should all take a step back and help someone else before we help ourselves once in a while and see how good we feel : )

My dinner! Sorry the pictures are backwards- stupid ass Blogger! I used my other piece of Mahi-Mahi, sprinkled with Gluten-free bread crumbs- seasoned with Italian spices.. sooooo yummy. I had them with Sweet Potato fries (channeling my meal from last week!) I love sweet potatoes!

What's this???? Is that the debris left by a tornado? A hurricane? Nooooo.. just two little girls without a care in the world who attend Camp Noni- led by a disabled old lady (my mother!!!)
I made them clean. I could feel my blood pressure go up every time I looked in there for the last two days and I was ready to flip! They earned their dessert though! Look!

Good job girls!! Love you cuties!

I did my workout for the day already. A 3 mile walk/jog/exhausted run/dead at the end workout at lunch. Then I came home and did 20 minutes of yoga. Yea I'm getting in my daily requirements still : )

Well, I've got to finish up my laundry.. I packed my lunch for tomorrow already, I'm prepared to get up early and work off the chocolate chip cookies I just ate!! I'll be checking with you ladies tomorrow!


  1. Hmmmmmm... The new layout looks pretty familiar!

  2. Ohh how I love Justin's on waffles. Perfection! And you should definitely keep posting those tea quotes! :)

  3. my room at the moment is the "before" picture... results of eating lunch and breakfast in my room because i'm working in there, and fail to put the dishes in the dishwasher. so it's actually much worse
    and i'm adoring the new layout btw!

  4. You are so much calmer than me...I think that I'd still be yelling at my daughter if her room was that messy. I am an obsessive neat freak!!

    The tea quotes are very cute...great way to feel inspired in the middle of the day!

  5. I love the new layout Amy!! It's funny, because my bedroom used to look like that when I was little - how I birthed a neat freak daughter I'll never know!

    She's going to Munich, Germany today! She's been gone 7 days already, 14 more days and she'll be home! I better start cleaning up now! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love your new layout and your new About Me page! Very open and honest, and very real.

    I love what you said about being compassionate. I'm a very sensitive person and I often take on the emotions of others as my own (which is a good thing in that I can be compassionate, and bad in that I can drive myself crazy..) But the truth is, the world is a better place when people look out for each other. I read an article about this person who sent an anonymous secret to saying that he was an illegal immigrant living in San Francisco and he felt like nobody wanted him his whole life, so he was planning to jump off the Golden Gate in the summer. Tens of thousands of people wrote in letters and formed a Facebook group to try to reach out to him. It was very touching to see that so many people in the world care...about someone they have never met and don't know anything about. It showed me that people are really good at heart...because sometimes I doubt peoples intentions and I don't always trust people to care about anyone but themselves (lets face it- a lot of people do care first and foremost about themselves). Anyway, it was a really touching story and it brought me to tears so just wanted to share it with you.

    Hope you have a good weekend!