Monday, June 28, 2010

Beef, It's Not For Dinner

Good morning y'all... how was everyone's weekend?? Mine was smashingly good! I guess!

I know I ditched you all over the weekend and didn't post any updates, but after a stressful work week I wanted to detach myself from technology for a bit. It felt pretty dang good to do so! Where did we leave off???

Saturday! Work! UGH! But whatever, the day was over before I knew it and then I went home and got in a killer cardio workout. It was hot and I had the AC on and I was still soaked with sweat. Do you guys sweat too much when you work out?? I get crazy sweaty- I'm down to the point where I keep baby wipes in the car just to freshen up if I have to run someplace after work or I'm running around all day.

Gross. Enough about bodily secretions..

Let's talk about clothes!!!!!! It's no surprise that I love clothes, but I'm not the most fashionable person out there. I do love the trends out there now, but with my bod, I find it impossible to wear half of them. I try stuff on, then toss it to the side because I either look pregnant or just really weird. I chalk it up to my boobs and my butt. They just get in the way!!!!

So I basically stick to the basics. I have found the best things for me are, long, soft tees without crazy prints and slim fitting jeans. Insert flats, boots, or flip flops. Add a scarf, or a purse and I'm so fly. *cough* sorry that was stupid.

But there are times when you gotta follow the trends. Cuz I love shoes! And I LOVE these shoes!

These are by Carlos Santana.. and are practically the most amazing shoes my feet have ever put on in my life. Seriously! Comfy, the leather is soft and supple, you don't slip, fall, crack a bone, pinch your feet. Nada. They are just beautiful.

I wore them to church like a hoe.
But I paired them with black skinny fit capris and a silver tank top. Where else am I gonna go to get dressed up but church?!

I brought a bag though, because right after church I needed to change into an even cooler outfit.

The camp counselor look! Come on guys, I look smokin' in orange right?!

I think it looks cute! The Peanut has her shirt too and we wore them out and about in the afternoon, we got looks of awwwwww... and how cute. We are!

Up next some chow..This was my lunch on Sunday afternoon before we went back to church for Vacation Bible School..

What is that shredded stuff on my sandwich you say? Well it's not Sloppy Joe from a can that's for sure!

It was this.. which is pretty dang good for a fake meat product. The sauce is nicely spiced and flavorful. The texture of the meat product is a little off- but it's not like chewing shoe leather. Overall, it's a yummy little dish that gets 3.5 stars from me. Only 1.5 off because it has wheat in it. And that drove my tummy nuts for a bit.

On that note, I'm off to get to work. It's going to be a heck of a day, I didn't get much sleep last night! I'm picturing my cup of coffee to be full later on today, I don't think I'll make it through!


  1. Oh no did you bring coffee back into your life again?!! lol!!

    Love the hooker heels, lol, they are sweet! I have a red pair of stilettos by carlos santana and I love them!

    Im glad your weekend was great! Have a happy monday!!!!!!!! xoxo

  2. those shoes..are adorable. carlos santana isn't exactly cheap either - you better feel good about wearing those puppies!

  3. Hey you! Love the shoes. So, so cute. Glad you had a chance to detach from technology this weekend. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Have a great week !

  4. Katie.. lol NO i didn't have any coffee : ( i did get a decaf though when i was at the airport tonight to pick up my momz..
    Sasha.. YEA DUDE! C.S. shoes are a hefty price, fortunately, i do my research, and shop around for the best price, snagged these for half off on some random internet shoe store site, i had tried them on at DSW.. wanted to see if i could find them someplace else- i am WAY too cheap to pay full price for something!

  5. Your post title made me laugh! Loove the heels! Sexayy

  6. OMG, I couldn't walk two feet in those heels - way to rock them!

    And orange is a good color on you - bet you and peanut looked too cute together!

  7. "I wore them to church like a hoe."

    Probably the best line I've read on a blog. Had me cracking up at my desk!!!