Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Blahs

Here I am... draggin' butt on a Monday night. I really really want to stay up late and watch True Beauty tonight, but I don't want to be too tired tomorrow either! Does anyone else have disicpline and go to bed when they are "supposed to" or do you throw that to the wayside when something "happens" or a good TV show comes on?

Well I did have to swtich it up and do Pilates tonight when I got home instead of yoga. My stomach appreciated it I think! I swear adding Pilates to my workouts really amped up the way my stomach looks. It's not perfect, but it's getting a whole lot better!

So I was also planning on doing another portion of a workout besides the 30 minutes of Pilates, but I'm too sleepy. I'm going to have to start taking my iron supplements again.. I'm getting too tired too fast lately! How did I used to run on 4 hours of sleep before???? It's just NOT possible anymore!

So my lunch today was pretty basic.. I'm trying to use up my bread that I was telling you about yesterday- so I stole some of my mom's egg salad :) I hope she doesn't notice that I licked the bowl clean. I LOVE egg salad. Does anyone else or am I the only one? Anyway, in recent months I have convinced my mom that "vegan mayo" is the way to go, so not only is it healthy, with no saturated fats or raw eggs in it, it's the perfect companion when you want to do something stupid. Like de-veganize it. I can't help it guys! I have to de-veganize vegan mayo- I just don't like the fake meats!

Yummy!!!!! Healthy fats galore!!

For a snack I had more healthy fats, a PURE chocolate brownie bar. Super sweet, chock full of nuts, good fats, rich chocolate flavor. I don't really like walnuts, but I do like this bar..

Right now, Big Bang Theory is on.. only one of my FAVORITE shows on TV.. think I will brush my teeth and TRY to be in bed on time. I'm SO cool!!!!!


  1. i have no discipline when it comes to going to bed at the 'correct time'. it is now three in the morning and i am still awake.

    ejkrdfhlgxnkjcf *frustration at lacking the energy to get up and go to bed*

    also, egg salad always, ALWAYS makes me salivate, it looks so bloody yummy, and then i eat it and i just cannot stand it. i wish it tasted as nice as it looked to me. *sigh*

    hope you're not too tired in the morning! xo

  2. Awesome job w/ the pilates! I've been holding off doing mine still. Haha I keep teling myself "when I'm in better shape" That lady KICKS MY BUTT! I'm sore for like a week after.

    Tonight I did a dance cardio video (well, uh.. half of it) and felt like you! hehe Only I probably looked more like Baby when Patrick Swayze was trying to teach her how to move her hips in Dirty Dancing..

    and I LOVE EGG SALAD. Love it! I had to stop buying eggs for a bit b/c I kept boiling them up and eating it EVERY single day! It's so good and I can definitely lick the bowl clean! hehe

  3. I don't think I can run on 4 hours of sleep either, and I'm uh, pretty young.

    And you're not the only one loving egg salads! I love it too! I don't think I could do vegan mayo, though. I love my real eggs too much! >__<

  4. I love egg salad! I used to eat it all the time, actually my mom used to make it for me. But then I developed a weird aversion to mayo and now I can't touch anything with mayo in it. Go figure.

    I love your About Me! I look forward to reading more sarcasm and wit because those are the 2 things I look for in a blog. You are too funny!!

    And thank you for sharing your "park lady" story...apparently I am not the only one who attracts irritating people like that!!