Monday, June 14, 2010

Wide Awake

Holy mother of God, it's Monday again. I'm here watching the Real Housewives of NYC Reunion.. they are so catty and crazy. I love it! It's craziness! Does anyone else like these shows??
So I survived the rest of the weekend, have I told you guys that I decided to stop drinking coffee? Since Charlie left I've been relying on coffee more and more to get through the day.. because I've been so tired all the time, blah blah blah. I love coffee.. who am I kidding?! But I'm trying to quit!!!!! BLECH! I'm making the switch over to decaf, to more green tea, etc. So yesterday when I got home from church, I was SO tired, I took a 3 hour nap. Which led me to be awake until 4 AM last night! W-T-F?!?!?!?! ARGH!!!! I broke out my laptop, I watched TV, I read. I tossed and turned and nothing. I was awake. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and it just wouldn't stop! By the time 1 a.m. I realized that it was A. too late to take one of my mom's Vicodin's to knock me out. Or a Tylenol PM - before you think I'm a druggie.. lol B. really going to be a long day on Monday.

But I'm here, I'm alive! By the way, my mom is too! She broke a bone in her foot and pulled some tendons. She's using a cane to get around with her foot wrapped up. I've been helping her out and so have the Peanut and my niece.. good job girls!!! Lol.

Thanks for all your well wishes for her!!!!

So here's what I ate today while I was in a work haze/coma/in the zone.... I thought I wouldn't make it!!!

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffin Instant Oatmeal. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and just am trying it now.. I didn't really like it.. I'm not a blueberry fan.. so I think if you REALLY like bloobs- this is good!

I will not include a picture of it though. It kind of resembled something that would come out of my stomach after drinking and eating pancakes at iHop after.. UM YEA. You know you've done it!
Snack & Lunch: An Attune bar, sweet potato soup, and carrots.. got my veggies in today!

Snack 2 & 3: Annie's Gluten-Free Bunnies and a Cliff Z-bar Chocolate Brownie flavor. I was channeling my inner child.. haha.. plus I needed a "sugar boost". HA!

I came home from work and immediately hit the yoga mat. I stretched my whole body and it felt SOOOO good! I did yoga for about 40 minutes and by the end of it, my legs were shaking, my whole body was sweaty and I was happy as a clam. Exhausted but good.
I made fish for dinner... drowning it in healthy canola oil, and dumping garlic salt, pepper, red pepper, cilantro, and lime juice. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I loved this!!!! I love garlic! And this was fantastic! It sorta cleaned out my sinuses from the red pepper, but hey my sinus cavity is thanking me right now.

Dessert: CHOCOLATE!!!!! I broke off a hunk of it. Chocolate is good for you- especiallly dark chocolate!!! And I can't resist the call of chocolate- for real. I also randomly ate handfuls of cereal and a few tortilla chips and the end piece of bread in my bread loaf I have, with some margarine on it. Phew. A full days worth of eats.. haven't done that in long time!

Well, I shall meet up with you all tomorrow night, I've been commenting back and forth with some lovely people and I want you all to know, that even though we struggle sometimes.. we are all people who are worth more than the number on the scale.. We ARE!
*hugs to everyone*


  1. Awesome eats! I'm not an oatmeal fan, especially out of the packet. Nice job on the 40 minutes of exercise!

  2. I don't watch Real Housewives...I actually don't like reality TV at all because I find it more fake than fictional shows haha. And the people are kind of annoying. Although I've never even seen Real Housewives..but I've seen The Hills and such, and just couldn't stand it. My sister makes me watch the Bachelorette and I can sit through it but I still get frustrated with the people. My mindless TV of choice are shows like Greys Anatomy because at least the characters are kind of witty and funny and the writings not half bad. I know a lot of people love the cattiness and craziness of reality tv each their own!

    Your eats look lovely...Sorry that oatmeal was yucky. I'm not a fan of instant oats, they're usually not very good. I like the looks of the Attune bar though! I really love what you said at the end- you are so right. We are more than the number on the scale.

  3. Your intake for today is lovely! Dark chocolate is absolutely delicious. :) and i'm not going to lie, RHoNJ is an addictive and wonderful show, it makes me feel way classier than i actually am!

    It's true, we are more than the scale, even though it's so hard to believe. Your story (which you commented to me earlier) is so interesting, it's refreshing to see that someone's at least trying to get their life back :)

    My favorite oatmeal (not instant!) is Coach's Oats oatmeal, it's absolutly amazing and nutty and so good :)

    i have an email i use for this account and i think i'd love to get to know you more (i mean, not in a creepy way, just in a way where i think it'd be easier than commenting on each other's blogs over and over again) and it's on my profile so if you're interested feel free to email :)
    what kind of fish is that, btw? lol random :)

  4. I watched the housewives of NYC reunion last night, ahhhhhhhhhhh drama!!! love the show, I love housewives of NJ the best!!!!

    I hope your mom's foot gets better asap, I know what a bummer that has to be for her, I send get well wishes to her!!

    Giving up coffee is hard, but I like that you are doing it slow, as you should, I try to drink more green tea than anything, but 4 times a week I have one cup of coffee in the morning and thats it!

    Love you! When are you coming shopping?!!! xoxo

  5. I only have a maximum of two cups of coffee in the morning, but I've been known to drink some in the fall and winter at night - and I can be asleep in 5 minutes - drives my husband nuts!


  6. I can't believe it's a new week already either! I'm seriously so swamped with everything which is making me crazier and more stressed. I think I owe you a massive email.

    But you are so right--we are more than the number on the scale.