Saturday, June 19, 2010

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Today was the Peanut's dance recital!!!! I couldn't believe how awesome today was! She did soooooooo good. She takes tap and ballet, and while I didn't get any pics of her in her tap costume, here she is in her ballet costume. Well from behind anyway..

(Check Facebook for more if you want.. lol)
Today was a weird day in terms of eating.. I was thrown for a loop because we were stuck in the school all day long for the recital and then went for ice cream after that. At that point, my camera had long since died, so I didn't take any pics. But I had a waffle for breakfast with Justin's peanut butter, kind of like what I had for breakfast yesterday!
(this was taken at work yesterday btw.. )

(this was a new jar- I could BARELY stir this! argh!)

Snacks included half a cheese sandwich I stole from the Peanut, carrots I borrowed from her, Maria cookies I stole from her, and water bottles I stole from my mom. Are you noticing a pattern here? I didn't set myself up correctly for a good eating day. It wasn't enough to eat for me!!! I am wiped out..
But I sorta made up for it at dinner; veggie soup and a Zbar- chocolate brownie.. what can I say, I need my chocolate!

So to update everyone on my 101 Day Challenge. I am barely making it through yoga, but I'm doing it. Even when I don't feel like it.. even when I wanted to cry.. I did it. So I definitely feel proud of myself for that. It's too easy for me to beat myself up when I start losing the motivation to work out. And I think I gave myself an easy goal of yoga for 20 minutes a day! BUT, my bike riding has been seriously HARD. On the weekends I haven't had much time to squeeze in a long bike ride. Or it's been raining when I'm home after work. So I'll keep trying to get that in! Maybe tomorrow!

I found a new workout top at Target today with my sister for $3.74!!!!!! Whawhoooooo!!! I *heart* Target for those random finds! So I guess I'll try and take the kids on a bike ride in the morning. We are playing hooky from church.. : )

Please check this link everyone! Which Disney Princess Are You? I am Jasmine, hands down!!!
"You are strong in standing up for your beliefs, one of which includes marrying for love, not for social-standing or wealth. Free-spirited, intelligent and brave as you are, you like to make your own decisions, and you are unafraid to voice your opinions. You can also come off as feisty! You crave adventure and cannot sit indoors for too long. Though you grew up privileged and admired for your unique beauty, you are not self-absorbed. You are a caring person, and you feel the desire to help the underprivileged." (minus the privileged part... I wasn't!)

Well, I'm heading to bed. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. What gorgeous dresses! I would say I am a cross between Cinderella and Jasmine.

    Keep up with the exercise, that is what I am finding the hardest to do too!

  2. Aww...I think I'm a cross between Cinderella, Jasmine, and Belle. I know that's a lot...but I'm a complex person! haha
    It's funny though, because my favourite movies when I was little were actually The Little Mermaid (I liked the idea of living under the sea and escaping my real life) and The Lion Kind (same idea...and I LOVED the lions...and the music).
    Peanut looks adorable in her ballet costume! I was a ballerina at her age also...I took ballet and some other kinds of dance (including tap) until I was around 10. I wish I hadn't quit.
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. keep it up with the 101 day challenge :) that's such a cool website!
    I'm definitely belle, i just walk around in an unrealistic dreamy haze and am constantly wanting more than what i already have (huge flaw! i know! lol).
    that dress is so pretty (on the Peanut). she must have felt like a princess!

  4. I LOVE the new blog layout! Def much better!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwww little peanut looks adorable! I need to see more pics! Add me on facebook pronto!! Katie Carso, find me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhh I love you, love that you were excited I was preggers, but no not yet!!! lol!! 30th birthday thats when we are starting!! : )

    Yay for the pool, I bet your daughter will be swimming everyday , kids love the pool, I did so much when I was little!

    Love ya girl! Your comments are always a highlight of my day!


  5. Oh, my goodness! Peanut melts my heart in that ballet costume. She looks just like Cinderella. So cute!
    Take care dear!

  6. Your little one looks adorable. I'm sure she was even more adorable on stage. :)
    The peanut butter...kinda looks weird. Does it taste like the non-organic stuff? And is it lower-fat or lower-cal or something? It's just striking up my curiosity.