Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Act Great

Yikes! Where did the day go??? I didn't really have a chance to do much today.. Wednesdays are a notoriously BUSY day at work. People have woken up from being hung over on Monday and Tuesday and are like, oh yea, I have stuff on my desk, let me clean it off!

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who struggles with Blogger. If it wasn't for the ads on it (which.... are that way ----------------------------------------->) I would SOOOOOO be using Wordpress!

I'm just going to BREEZE right through these so I can make my lunch for tomorrow and go to bed!

After my disaster with my Vom-Meal the other day, I brought in my OWN oatmeal, complete with cinnamon and brown sugar.. YUM!
Snack was another Larabar- PB&J flavor, I have a slight obsession with those..

Lunch was canned salmon with dijon mustard. I put it on the last two slices of GF bread I had, plus with a slice of rice "cheese". It was tasty, a little dull, but hey I'm not going for glory here.. just simplicity!
Around 2:30 or so, I started getting really tired, cranky, and sad. I think my you know what is coming any day now, so this is to be expected. I took a walk and got some tea and dug out my snack- organic baby carrots. Crunchy and "watery" they woke me up for a few minutes.

I noticed this quote on my tea bag..

It reminded me to focus, get the rest of the day done, and be at peace with it. So I did.

This was my second snack because I was running around after work- so I needed something that would tide me over for a while. With 18g of protein, 4g of fiber, and 240 calories- this was a heavy but yummy "snack"/small meal.. whatever it was!
I had things to do after work, and I ended up getting home LATE. I was hungry and reached for the first thing I saw. One of these... holy delish. Never mind chock full of bad stuff. Sometimes, my family drives me nuts! lol Constantly food in the house I can't eat.. and I can't turn stuff like this down.

The girls went strawberry picking with my Mom today- they got a TON! I don't really eat strawberries because they make my mouth tingle, but Imma be eating these! Organic little yummy strawberries!!

Well I'm off to bed dears! I hope you all have a lovely night.. and I'll be checking in tomorrow as well, hopefully I'll have some time to comment back and email back and stuff like that!
Night!!!!! :D


    and larabars? i could live off those things.
    you should get a dietitian certificate or something, cause you're getting all the health stuff right ;)

  2. You and I are both obsessed with that flavor larabar!! If only France carried them. Sigh..

    What is the thing your family made? It looks delicious!

  3. Strawberry picking is so fun! Looks like they got some good ones!!!!

    Love the PB&J larabar as well, I also like the cinnamon bun/roll flavor one!

    Hope you have a great THursday, its almost the weekend!! xoxo

  4. Awesome food, the strawberries look awesome. I've never been strawberry picking with the kids, we should do that! Thanks!

  5. I have a Larabar obsession too! I need to start making my own because it's quite an expensive habit. And I love the quote from your tea bag :)

  6. I want to go strawberry picking! That sounds so fun! There's nothing better than hand picked fruit :)

  7. Loved the new layout, love!
    Simple, yet delicious eats. As always!
    Wish you a terrific weekend - and thanks for the super sweet comment you left me. It made my day :D
    Love you!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,