Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Hamburglar

Wow.. I can't believe all your comments guys.. ahem, gals.. I can't even begin to express how awesome it is to be among such awesome ladies in blog world. In this same scenario without my blog, I definitely would have been in shock for days before and after; after attempting a feat like, eating a burger.

I think the problem is, we have our fear foods. Some of us are anxious about eating pizza, or ice cream, or cake and can't be in situations where these foods are present. I suppose it's safe to say, burgers are my fear food. And I was craving one so bad... but it scared me to want one that bad.

To recap the comments I got..

Christina said, "The same goes for "splurges" of food - once in awhile is fine as long as you go back to healthy."

Katie said, "U do not have to WORRY about eating a burger and fries tonight at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kate said, "if u have a craving and totally ignore it, you will just end up eating a lot of other random stuff that you dont even want"

Jessie said, "So I don't have any advise but HATE when this happens. I totally know how you're feeling"

Debbi said, "If you throw it a curve ball every once in awhile (not too often mind you), then you kick it into high gear and it started to burn the extra calories and kinda prepares for the extra calories the next day."

Sarah said, "Good for you for going out anyway"

Lauren said, "Having a burger once in a while won't kill you, it won't make you gain weight"

Gaunt Future (I'm sorry doll I don't know your name!) said, "I hope you enjoyed every bite and didn't get anxiety once :)"

Well. We went out and I ate the dang burger. Yep. I did it. Oh my stomach protested. I prepared myself though. I made sure to eat healthy all day long, tomato soup and veggies for lunch. Waffles and peanut butter for breakfast. And a Cliff Bar for a late snack around 4:30-5. At 6:30 we went out.. Mind you I DID wear my sweatpants for this! lol

But from the comments I did get before I left, I actually texted to myself (I don't have the Internet on my phone due to my cheapness) and read them before I even walked in the door and when I ordered my food. I got a burger. Without the cheese and mayo and with extra tomato and with sweet potato fries on the side. So I got my Vitamin C, A, Iron, and protein. That's what I kept telling myself. It's good for me. It's good for me. It's good for me.
I didn't finish the whole thing because I did want to save room for my "Happy Ending" sundae. Something about jail bait cute high school boys just makes me say "yes" to upgrading a sundae..

(the Peanut had Mac and Cheese!!!!)

BBQ sauce.. love love love..

We had our usual for ice cream.. soft serve vanilla for me and forbidden chocolate for the Peanut. I don't like cherries that much, so Peanut stole mine..

So in short, I'm proud of myself for not backing out of getting what I really wanted and proud that I didn't go home and jump on the treadmill, or beat myself up. Ok, I did a little bit, but it was legitimately about the fact that the ice cream was bothering my stomach. I was thinking, "why the fudge can't Friendly's make a dairy free soft serve ice cream and save my stomach and my skin?!?!" Soft serve vanilla ice cream is the only thing I would never turn down. Never. Ever.

And to all my blog friends, I thank you so much. All your comments mean so much to me..

Tomorrow is the last day of Sunday School for the Peanut so there is a "party" at church. I'm excited about going! I have to get up early and make sure I drive my mother there. While I was writing this post, I heard yells coming from downstairs. I'm glad even though I'm as blind as a bat, I hear EVERYTHING. My mother went outside in the rain, in her flip flops, to take the trash out, was coming back in the door and she slipped and fell in the doorway. I ran downstairs to find out what happened.. I thought it was the cat howling.. only to find my poor mom sprawled out on the back porch. My parents are at the hospital as we speak, my dad thinks my mom's foot is sprained.. The fun never stops around here!

Well darlings, have an awesome rest of the weekend, I'll check in tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you ate it! I think that was really a healthy step for you to get what you wanted and listen to your BODY and not your THOUGHTS. Plus now it's good for you to see that you survived! hehe It looks good!! I've never had BBQ sauce on my burgers - I'll have to try that!

    Oh man I hope your mom is ok! Update us in the next post! I hope she feels better soon, that sounds painful!

  2. So glad you shared pictures so we can all live through your pleasure of the burger! It looks great!

  3. Ordering your fear food (and then not exercising afterwards) is SUCH an accomplishment and you should be so proud! You are awesome! :)

  4. I'm glad it went well! That's amazing, i'm kinda inspired to face my fear food now (without the after effect of bulimia, i mean.)
    Everyone calls me sasha, so call me sasha. :)

  5. Really? I think next time i go out for dessert with the family I'll probably try to eat it without....well, you know. hahaha.
    It might be good for me.

  6. I'm loving this blog :) I think it's great that you are facing the Fear Foods. Love the pictures....that ice cream sundae looks so damn good!


  7. Girl I love ya to pieces! So glad you enjoyed that burger and that icecream!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!

    U have to enjoy life and enjoy things you want, its all about moderation love! Muah!!!

    So glad you and Peanut had a great weekend! Always here for you!!


  8. He definitely think's i'm "sexy" and i've gained about 10 pounds since i met him actually, so i think that might be why.
    i'm glad SOMEONE thinks that about me haha :)

  9. I hope your mom is okay!

    And I'm glad you had the burger. I agree with commenter Kate that if you don't eat what you really want then you'll just end up eating a bunch of things you don't want, and you'll still want the burger anyway!

  10. Are you in recovery right now or are you trying to do it on your own? I'm just curious because it seems like you really have the recovery thing down well.

  11. I'm so proud of you, love! You deserve to enjoy your food, and you should always listen to your body and get what it's craving. Be good to yourself, let yourself be happy, don't worry so much. At the end of the day, fear foods are so doesn't even matter. And the more you face your fears, the less scary they become.
    Hope your mom is okay! xo