Monday, May 3, 2010


Welcome back to reality dears. It's Monday afternoon and you know what that means.

*cricket* *cricket*

Maybe you don't! Time for our weekend round-up. When's the last time I did this? I have no clue!

First up. Friday night. What did we do? It was pay-day so the Peanut and I took a break from the mundane and went out for ice cream. I will freely admit that I DID eat only a small snack in place of dinner so I could get ice cream. Not my most shining moment, indeed.

A beautiful Saturday can only mean a few things in my house. Early morning workout followed by park and a bike ride. But first, an "amazing" breakfast...

Amazing grass lovers, sorry but this tasted like Amazing ass. No lie, I spit it out right into the sink.. what am I doing wrong? I want to love this stuff!!!! Christina? Thoughts? Suggestions? Hold my nose and chug it?
With that giant fail over and done with, it was off to the park. I satisfied my need for fuel with some liquid cocaine in the form of home-made iced coffee and peanut buttered waffles. It would have to suffice. I needed major fuel to ride a dino and make my way across the monkey bars.

I slid down the slide too and got all dirty. Way sexy...
We made our way to the petting zoo where we saw lots of fuzzy friends. This guy loved to be pet. Look he has his eyes closed and everything, lol.

Look Katie... I totally thought of you when I saw these ostriches.. LOL YOU KNOW WHY!!!!!!
The rest of the day was spent bike riding and just being outside. I love being outside when it's gorgeous out. I feel alot better about just about everything. It has been a rough week and I'm really glad it was nice outside. To get out and just be free was so liberating!
Saturday night I actually WENT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What what now???

One of my friends was in town and we met another girlfriend out at a bar in in my neighborhood. I had a very large adult beverage and we talked. ALOT. Now they know what's going on with me and C - so that makes me feel alot better too. It was good to get stuff off my chest. I think alot of my feelings of loneliness don't stem from my high school friends ignoring me (because when they are in town, they never do) but mainly from C's sister. After the teacher tried to smooch me, she got mad at me because I let it slide, saying she would tell Charlie about it. I diffused the situation for a bit but then when the teacher asked me to be a part of the performance team, I think that was "over the top" for her. At least that's the only thing I can think of. In any case, we haven't spoken in a long time. And that hurts alot. She does only call when she needs something, and I'm not strong enough to not respond to her- but I'm thinking that I will not be from now on. So anyway, enough about that- I went out and had a good chat with the girls- it was fun to get out and people watch.

Sunday I slept late. No workout to speak of besides a little booty shakin' with my ipod while I cleaned the kitchen. One of the consequences of being a non-drinker, having a drink. The next day I'm useless.

Well I wasn't toooooo useless to go to the town fair. I went with Gina, the Peanut and my niece. We spent a small fortune and got sunburned, tossed around on rides, and hit on by fat guys. Note to self, NEVER dance where a fair worker can see you. Where do they find these people?!?!?!?!

I wanted to borrow this guys earrings. They were SOOOOOO hot!
I also snapped a shot of a woman whom I affectionately called chicken face but in the interest of being nicer and not burning your eyes out, I won't post it. HAHAHA. In case you don't remember, I have a sickness when I see unfortunate people I can't help but take a picture. Just remembering isn't funny enough for me...(please click that link to bring you to my last foray into paparazziness)

Well I ended up going to bed early after watching The Blind Side. Best movie I've seen in a long time.. if you haven't seen it, watch it! Great story, I laughed, I cried, I was grateful for all the blessings I have in my life. It was a wonderful end to the weekend.
Hope you guys are having a lovely day back into work.. : )


  1. I'm glad to see you in a better mood and enjoying the fantastic weather! I still havent' read your last post b/c I knew it was deep and wanted to give it adequate time to read/comment.

    I'll send you a FB msg about the Amazing Grass and a few other thoughts!!!

  2. I am amazed you even tried that Amazing Grass - because even without tasting it, I thought it would taste like ass!

    Hooray for pay-day and treating yourself! Glad you got to have a grown up night out on Saturday too! :D

  3. Amazing ass!! LOL!!! so funny!!

    Girl you need to mix the amazing grass packet with milk, banana, and some PB!! It will taste good then!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pics of you and your princess at the park!!!

    Love ya girl!!!!!!!

  4. Your pictures from the fair take me back, man! I loved those carnival type places when I was little. I was too young to notice the carnies (or, thank God, have them notice me).

  5. Awwww, love!
    I´m so glad you´ve had such a fun weekend!
    Congrats on enjoying ice-cream with Peanut! That was definetely an accomplishment :D
    Lovely pics, girl.
    Have a TERRIFIC week - you deserve it!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  6. Curious. What does Katie have to do with ostriches? I like both, but Katie is WAY prettier. ;-)

    Oh, and awesome fun weekend! Loved the cute face on the Friendly's ice-cream! Hee hee!

  7. Sophia!!! i agree Katie is HAWT!!!! especially compared to those fuzzy giant birds..
    she had ostrich meat on a stick.. and when i saw them, i seriously thought, hmmmm i wonder how those taste.. HAHAHA

  8. So funny to see your pictures from the park. I took Declan and my nephew there on Sunday. They really have improved that place since we were kids haven't they? AND we almost went to that fair. Girl I am so surprised I have not bumped into you yet.
    Glad you had a nice weekend.

  9. okay, so you are beautiful!!! and I get so excited at seeing your health food choices. Haha. I loved these pictures and your daughter is just absolutely LOVELY. :)