Thursday, May 13, 2010


Snacks have been in high consumption lately. I've been lazy. I've been super tired. I've had the motivation to cook at 5:15, then I get sidetracked by searching for uniforms or ballet shoes, and it all goes out the window. Thankfully, they've been good, healthy snacks. So I don't feel so bad. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll cook a meal.
Imagine if I said that when C were home. If I didn't cook everyday, I got harassed. He used to say I was starving him! Lol. Luckily, I knew he was joking most of the time.
Well, I'm glad you guys liked my hair and thought crazy girl was a fake funky looking chick.

Moving right along!


This first shot is not MY snack, but the Peanut first foray into eating SANDWICHES! What, what now?????

Enter the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my little peanut. I can't believe at the age of 7, she is finally eating PB&J. I think my mother gave us PB&J instead of formula when we were babies! Verdict? She loved it! I cut off the crust (even though that's the best part!) and she gobbled that stuff right down! Christina, should this go in your Friday Firsts???

Breakfast, double the waffle and multiply by 4 days in a row this has been my breakfast. I love those squeeze packs...

I found this in Hannafords a while back, it does actually look and taste like Spaghettio's. Another food I think my mother gave me instead of formula when I was a baby!
One can has 267 calories, so it was like a big snack, add a piece of fruit or a veggie and it's a small meal. I had two cans, so I had it both ways.

Up here in NE, we have Ocean State Job Lot. I have no clue if anyone else has them around? At OCJL you find the most RANDOM food items ever- and they are all incredibly cheap- it kind of reminds me of Trader Joes, except right across from the dates and pasta sauce are flannel shirts circa 1996. So anyway, my mom found this Bob's Red Mill granola there and she picked it up thinking it would be good sprinkled over fruit. It's also good, over yogurt, as you can see here!

That about does it for FOOD FOR ME. To answer everyone's question, YES I am feeling alot better in terms of myself. Although, I do have to admit, even when eating MORE (late night Oreos and bowls of cereal- this is a shout out to YOU!), I'm still not gaining weight. I think this might be a testament that my body NEEDS to eat more and so it's happily accepting the extra fuel and it's not going straight to my ass- glory be! So I'm lifting my coffee mug to the pantry! : )
Happy Thursday everyone, I'm getting back to work, I've been a little slow about reading blogs this week too but I'll get back to it ASAP!


  1. Hey love!! Crazy that your daughter never liked PB&J!! My son lives off of it!!! Kids have picky tastes!!!

    Loving that granola mix you picked up, anything from Bobs Red Mills is good!!!

    I did not know stoneyfield had soy yogurt! Im going to have to get some!!!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  2. First PBJ counts as a Friday First! ;) haha

    I didn't really like PBJ either. I preferred wraps with alfalfa sprouts! If I did eat a sandwich I'd opt for PB and fluff or cream cheese with my grandmother's home made jam. I think as a kid you aren't necessarily a picky eater - it's just one of those little things you can control and it's SO HUGE in your mind then that it becomes routine.

  3. you eat so healthy! it makes me so jealous. you are my hero when it comes to food.

  4. I don't think I've ever had a PB and J sandwich, but I like putting nut butter and jam in oatmeal, if that counts! I can't eat peanut butter anymore because I find that peanuts don't agree with me at all, but I like almond butter or any other nut/seed butter really.
    Your hair looks beautiful! I can't believe your grandmother said those things to you. Oh wait, yes I can. I have a crazy grandmother too. Actually, not the grandmother that I was talking about on my blog, but the other one. She is very critical and always tells me things she doesn't like about me. She also said some pretty nasty things to my mom when she was growing up. No wonder we both had/have disordered eating and thinking.
    Hope youre having a great weekend xo