Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Hi guys! Happy Monday!

This is a quick post because I know there are a FEW people who are waiting to see pictures of my hurrr. I LOVE IT. I feel soooooooooo awesome with the new do! I definitely enjoyed the pampering for a little bit and it was good to catch up with Tara, my hairdresser. She loved how my hair felt, and her salon just got in tons of MoroccanOil hair supplies, so now all I have to do is ride my bike down the street and buy some!

But YES! My grandmother is CRAZY! I suppose she could say that she likes me better as a blonde, but she's like adamant about it. Everytime she sees me (and she's down the hall... YIKES) she tells me.. She made that comment to me and my mom, when my mom was braiding my hair one night (it's too long for me to braid myself) and even my mother was like.. WHAT??? I didn't want to tell my grandmother how many guys go ga-ga over a big smile, blue eyes, and dark hair. Too many too count! Needless to say, I am not my grandmother's favorite grandchild!

But what can we expect from an old lady who opened a bag of Doritios before paying for them to make sure they were fresh???????????

Mother's Day was GOOD! The Peanut did a great job picking out presents. I got a manicure kit (God knows I need purty nails) and a D & D gift card along with a million coupons. Plus a really cute card. I loved it! We went to church, ate lunch, tried to go for a bike ride (too cold!) and watched lots of Disney Channel. All in all, I couldn't ask for a better day if I were getting a massage by the beach on the Virgin Islands..

Wait a minute. I think I would have preferred that!

C wished he were home with me. Last year Mother's Day I had a wonderful time (no I didn't we had dinner reservations and SOMEONE *cough* baby mama *cough* didn't come and pick her daughter up until after 10!) Well, in order to look like this:

you gotta work at it.. I guess. Yep there we go. There's my arch-nemisis. Thank God, I'm merely the Ugly White Bitch. She doesn't know my name, doesn't know where I live, or that I can write beyond an 8th grade level. Or that I can literally find ANYTHING about ANYONE. Never leave anything you don't want me to see.. online... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

And ending the post on a less "Amy looks like a pyscho look" here are pics I jacked from C's cousin's Facebook page. (ummmmmmmmm... oxymoron in my sentence, find it!)

The old folks are his grandparents who live in Puerto Rico. The guy with the funky moustache is his uncle and the little peanut in the pic is my Joanna. Whom I miss with ALL MY HEART. I LOVE YOU JOANNA! Poor Joanna doesn't deserve to live where she is living right now, I wish I could give her a stable home while C is away, but I have to be patient.. she is SUCH a good girl with a heart of gold.

Anyway, I'm back to work.. I have food stuffs for you in the next couple of days.. YAY!


  1. oooh your new haircut looks gorgeous!! and that girl is NOT that cute. seriously. happy belated mother's day!!! xox

  2. I looove the new hair and really - that girl is not ALL THAT! Everything about her is fake! She looks so made-up and superficial. Although I know how you feel b/c I have absolutely refused to see any pics of J's ex-wife. I even had him ask his mom to please make sure none are around her house. I know if I saw one I would obsess over it and compare myself and it wouldn't be pretty- it'd haunt me.

    Haha and I'm the SAME WAY about finding info. on ppl.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U llok so wonderful and beautiful!!!!!!! Yay for hot brunettes!!!!!!!!! Happy Belated moms day to you too beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful one with little peanut!!!!!!!!!

    Love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the bangs, you are totally bangin' with that hair! (ha, I crack myself up!)

    On a more serious note, lemme just tell you, you are way more beautiful anyone in C's past. You really truly honestly have nothing to worry about.

  5. Blondes may have more fun but Brunettes do it better! I love love love your hair! The dark is gorgeous and the bangs are spunky!

  6. I love your hair!! It's beautiful! And I just got your text now--way to go my phone. Sometimes when it's out of range stuff doesn't show up for days. It's weird.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of you and I hope you had an amazing mother's day because you deserve it!

  7. Your grandma = crazy. Stop listening to her. You look BEAUTIFUL.
    Haha, she certainly is one of a kind least it makes for good tales!

  8. in response to your comment: yes, I am going back on them. already started, actually!

    and your hair looks amazing and so healthy and shiny and I am so jealous ;)

  9. You look SO fantastic. You're truly beautiful. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day! Peanut's a lucky girl!