Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Say Ahhh...

Is it Tuesday? Really? Have I really been gone that long? Sweet niblets!!
Well, I am back, it's been a LONG week already and it's only 8:48 in the morning (well it was when I started writing this anyway!)

I don't have too much in terms of words to say. But my nephew Melo turned 1. I love him so much I feel like I birthed him sometimes- and he doesn't seem to mind that I act like that either! I'm always getting hugs and kisses from him - what a flirt!!!! So here are the pics from our little cake-cutting ceremony on Sunday - his actual party is in two weeks, more on that in a second.

Here is he is eating the ice cream cake...adorable isn't he??

It was a good day with all the kids, I wish I took more pics! I have to save some of my memory though for this weekend when I have 6 children at my house for 4 days. Please, someone ask me WHY, HOW, WHAT. WHY did I say yes? HOW did they convince me to say yes? WHAT was I on when I said yes?
I'm weak when it comes to the kids! My SIL asked if I would babysit for her cherubs (qty 3) this weekend so she can go to Vegas (ummmm no invite??). I said ok for a three day weekend- how long can one stay in Vegas and stay sober and wealthy? Then it suddenly turned into a five day trip and I had to take three days off work for it! Yikes! So then, my niece (qty 1) and my BIL's younger kids (qty 2) want to come as well. If anyone is looking for me... I'll be the one with the mangy hair, sweatpants, with the crazed look on her face. Yep. For sure! I'm hoping the weather is nice, we will just walk around the neighborhood and go to the park and play outside. Please.. pray for sunshine!
So what was on muy food menu for the weekend? I have to get back to work over here, so I'll just put up the pics, you can bask in my food glory for now.. more later this week, if I haven't killed myself..
This pizza was pretty good- nutrition facts a little daunting but I sucked it up and ate the whole thing..

My go-to snack!

Chicken nuggets and fries! Don't worry, they were the good kind, no MSG or HFCS here ;)

And the best GF-DF french toast.. ever!!!!! I love this stuff! Highly recommended!

Well- I'm back off to work- I'll be trying to get caught up on blogs today- sneaking them between emails, so don't be surprised if you see a comment from me today!!!


  1. He is so, so, so adorable!!

  2. so many foodie finds in this post - french toast sticks and GF dairy-free pizza? yum!

  3. Oh wow, I don't know if I could handle that many kids! They certainly can be a handful, but I hope they go easy on you. If its sunny out, then it will be just fine.
    Your nephew is so cute!
    I love Larabars and Amy's pizza...I used to have the one with no cheese but that one has a gluten crust so I can't eat it anymore. Is the gluten free one made with soy cheese?
    French toast looks good..wish we had it here.
    Hope youre having a great week xox


    and YUMMY! I love anything Amy's!

  5. Thanks for the Van's waffle tip - I like them now, and will have to try the French toast next. Although, I bet you could drench the waffles in egg/almond milk and fry them up - hmm, going to try that next!

    Glad you survived your weekend. Sounds like you had a houseful.

    I've got an Amy's rice crust cheeseless pizza buried somewhere in the freezer. Thanks for the reminder. Now, I just have to finish off all the coconut milk ice-cream I bought so that I can get to it.

    Your nephew is adorable. :)