Monday, September 21, 2009

American Prankster

Happy Monday to all my sleepyheads! How are you?? I love how you all agreed about the frozen meal.. that is totally why I have to stick with Amy's meals (and my own cooking!) I just get disapointed with the results of anything but Amy's.. maybe I should send Amy's a note.. tell them to send me some stuff! HA!

So how were your weekends? Mine was pretty fun.. shall we do a weekend round-up??!!
Friday Night was....

If you guessed fried chicken and zuch night, you were right! Holy yummy! We stuffed our faces and promptly fell asleep like we just ate Thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday morning we had a pancake breakfast but I think only one of us liked the pancakes. Namaste.. I am very disappointed in the pancake and waffle mix! It had this weird aftertaste I couldn't get past. They LOOKED GREAT THOUGH!

Saturday afternoon we headed to an arts festival in town! It was quite entertaining, I think Olivia and Jocelyn bounced in the bouncy house for about 4 hours, only stopping to eat, complain they needed more tickets, and get their faces painted. My sister had a booth of her art in the show and my father.. well.. he was running the thing. I guess we are an artsy-fartsy family. But if anyone is interested in purchasing photography- let me know if you want a link to her site! All her prices are REALLY reasonable and she takes some great shots!
Some sites from the day....
Look!! Here's my dad and his swing band.. (hes the big guy standing up all the way to the right..)

A sneak peek at fall fashion- mixing prints and the leggings and flats look.


Hot trumpet player..

The local tattoo studio was doing tattoos so I got one!!

Gee it looks great for a fresh tat doesn't it??

Saturday night was spent hanging out with my dear sister-in-law.. I played with her baby boy and we talked for hours. I love her! *sigh* I really think that I would not have made it through some rough times without her! We talked about deep stuff and I got her hooked on White Chocolate Peanut Butter. She is the epitome of cheap so she was shocked I would spend 5 dollars on a jar of peanut butter... that is.. until she TRIED IT! Hahahahaha!!! I've created a monster!
Sunday was more of the same.. festival.. except we had some company!
My other nieces came down with my older.. more obnoxious sister.

Luckily I was distracted by the truly AWFUL bands there (not my dads..) the high school kids who were trying out for Make Me A Rockstar Except Not Really Because We Suck. I feel really guilty saying that, but they were off-key, off the beat, etc. And singing cover songs.. so its NOT LIKE WE DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!
I held a baby. My friend who had a baby not long after my miscarriage broght her little booger- who was just too cute. I melted.. ooooed and ahhhhed.

And people... that's about it!
Now that I have either bored you to tears.. or made you fall asleep at your
Hope everyone has a HAPPY MONDAY. I know I am so far!!!! Tonight is a big night for me and Olivia. It's the premiere of the Phineas and Ferb episode where they go back in time or to the future.. whichever one works. Is it sad that I am really looking forward to watching a Disney show?!


  1. Good for you for holding that baby! I have to say, he/she is SO CUTE!!! My friend is pregnant, and obviously I'm happy for her, but I'm also SUPER HAPPY to get to hold a baby... I haven't held one since my brother was born I think (15 years ago??).

    Nice tattoo btw!

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! Your fried zuch. looks right up my alley :) I can only imagine how tasty it was! :)

  3. That festival looks really fun. It's so cool that your dad is in a swing band!

  4. your daddy is so radddd! I can't get my dad to listen to music, let alone play it.

    enjoy P&F ;) hope it doesn't dissapoint!

    p.s. i <3 Amy's

  5. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Your blog looks very fun and informative. I love White Chocolate Wonderful too ;) HAve a great night!

  6. The festival looks like a great time! I'd love to check out your sister's photography, and your dad's band looks like they're having a great time! (Love the hot trumpet player too).

    Hey, there's some pretty chill Disney shows out there. No shame there.

  7. You for real got a tat on a whim?

    Aww you're all so artsy... love it!

  8. nice tatty;0)

    looks like a fun weekend!!!

  9. what a cutie! and what a tat ;) love it!!! looks like u had so much fun <3