Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Beavers..

Well the week is almost over.. ok not quite but hey.. we are getting there! I think this might be the fastest weekend round-up ever! So here we go:

Things We Learned Over The Weekend/Week

1. It's fantastic to be a part of history.. getting a picture in front of a Cal Ripken statue before it was stolen..

2. Never let your man's ex-mother-in-law buy food for you.. or she will buy the shittiest cuts of meat ever. (Don't ask me why she did- it's a sore subject!) Looked good- but was FATTY and TOUGH! Blech! At least the other part of my dinner was yummy!

3. When going to Chipotle make sure you test the spiciness of the steak before you feed it to your 7 year old. This was even too spicy for her!

Otherwise you get this.....

4. Never EVER under estimate the power of Taco Night at home.. along with some good baseball and good...action?!.. to take the stress of work away. Carlos baby we need about a month off together!

So things to chew on: I downloaded the new Jay-Z album and will be working on a routine from that.. I promise! : )

Also- the lovely Kelly over at She Wears A Red Sox Cap sent me a bloggie award last week (feels like it was last month!) and I am just getting around to putting it up! Dang it!

I love Kelly's blog because she is so down to earth and honest about finding time to keep up the healthy lifestyle while she is teaching during the school year. Plus I mean whoever loves the Sox; I love too!
I get to pass this along to a bunch of people soooooo.... but because I think all the people I would pass it to are on my blog roll... UMMMMMMM y'all can just TAKE it.. you GET IT AND LIKE IT! : )

I have nothing for you in terms of healthy eating.. I guess I've been doing better- Rebeca suggested to me that I put myself on autopilot and just do it, so I think that will be my goal: to find healthy eats and just fill up my lunch box and not leave work until my lunch box is empty. I promise it won't be full of cukes and carrots sticks.. haha. Although my old aunt picked up some GF ice cream cones, so I may be having some ice cream SOONER rather than LATER!

I will be back by Friday- I PROMISE!!!!!


  1. I've only eaten at Chipolte once and my mouth was on FIRE!!!! They underestimate their spiciness I think!

    Mmm I love taco nights at home!

  2. how presh is that little girl of yours? is she looking for a best friend? I kind of want to hang with her :)

  3. wow, I never thought chipolte was spicy but am now curious. It's been 6+ months since I've been, maybe this post is my reason to visit? :)

  4. Ok, I am totally making tacos for dinner at some point this week-end :P

  5. I've never had Chipotle before - but my office ordered burritos from there once, there were leftovers and I brought one home. I put it on my food scale and it weighed in at 1.5 pounds!

    I quickly threw it in the garbage - maybe I'll go back to build my own a bit more healthy.

    Your baby girl is growing up - she's beautiful!

  6. I swear, I read soo many food blogs but for some reason you're the only one who gives me cravings. As we all know from those horrifying episodes w/ french toast. . . . Now I want tacos tacos tacos!!
    My namesake is soo darling I can hardly stand it!!

  7. Yay for tacos! Hope you're not too stressed with all the busyness.

    Can't wait for the Jay Z vid!

  8. OMG JAY-Z VIDEO!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! How much do you LOVE that album?!?!

  9. seriously, wtf was she doing buying you food... weirddddd

    liv's face is sooo funny :)

    yay for tacos :)