Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cat Food

Well well well. We have ALMOST made it through another week. Today (yesterday when you guys see this..) I woke up feeling like it was FRIDAY. I almost had a panic attack because I thought it WAs Friday and Friday is my wake-up-early-and-workout-day. And I most definitely did NOT wake up early today. Anyone else feel like the week should have been shorter??

I loved all your healthy partner comments too- crackin' me up. And yea, Olivia, I got skills. He has no idea how much he's improved over the last two years.. and sadly still has far to go till he's up to my standards.

OMG I'm just kidding guys really- the poor guy! Haha!

So I just thought I would share with you a yummy low-fat, gluten-free, dairy-free lunch of mine. I picked up this new bread by Glutino called Harvest Corn. I figured it was worth a shot. So I paired it with some canned tuna with BBQ sauce (I didn't want to break out the Naysoya I was craving something a little more.... spicy!) and a slice of some wacky rice cheese I have still.

This bread was DELISH I tell you- moist, soft, and completely BREAD-LIKE. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish with GF/DF breads- almost impossible really. I was over the moon in love with this stuff. And it tasted great with my... cat food?
Yea as I was taking this picture I realized, great my lunch looks like cat food. Where is my cat when you need her??

So the other new thing we tried was Kinninnick Chocolate dipped donuts. Who here is GF/DF (or at least vegan)? Raise your hands...Who here remembers what an Entemmans chocolate covered donut tastes like? Raise your hands...
These Kinninnick donuts tasted JUST LIKE THEM!!! Holy yummy! Liv scarfed hers down in about five seconds flat. I had to tell her hang on girl, let me get a picture!!!

I didn't realize that this weekend was Labor Day weekend until I remembered that school starts for Miss Thang next Wednesday. Which means I have the day off on Monday! Which means that I can head to my girl Shantel's festival SOONER rather than LATER. What fun! She is a singer performing at a festival in West Warwick, RI. Pretty darn close to me. Well, actually not really- but close to my sister!
You know you are from RI when any drive OVER 20 minutes is far away.. right Heather? Do I have any other readers from RI or MA who want to come?? : )

What are YOUR plans for the long weekend??

Olivia's include practicing riding down Niagra Falls in a barrel...


  1. Mmm donuts! Don't tease me so early! ;)

    haha riding down Niagra in a barrel?! What an imagination!

    haha that's the same way here (Chicago) w/ some of the ppl I know and traveling. I know some that drive 55 miles (NO LIE) to/from work, but think 15 minutes to go to somebody's house is out of the way. I don't get it hahaha

  2. I kind of want to kidnap Olivia and play with her all day :) She is too adorable!

    Those donuts, oh dear me! They look unbearably good!

  3. Oohh man i used to love those donuts!! Good luck to lil peanut at school, im sure we can meet up soon before it gets too cold and this california girl holes up in hibernation :D

  4. i posted a comment but it didnt work?!?! dang my computer!!!! anyway, i wont try to painfully remember everything i said...mainly, olivia is super cute as usual, your sammie does look a little wack, and happy long weekend chica :)

  5. Olivia is tooooo cute!

    I tried those donuts at a tradeshow - just a bite - but they were delish!

  6. BBQ sauce in tuna... interesting!

    Liv is soooo freakin cute... I want a donut, yum yum yum