Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Little Competition...

Happy Sunday all!!

How are all of you? Doing good over here! Just a quick weekend post to say hello.. then I'll be back to cooking, eating, and working out. In that order too!
So the boy and I had a date to go out to the movies but when it came time to go grab a movie it was SO nice outside I didn't want to go and watch a movie.. it was time to move this party outside!! So we went mini-golfing!

One of the many things I love about this guy is that even when I kick his butt in mini-golf he takes it like a man and laughs about it. Instead of like my ex- who acted like a beyotch during any kind of competitive sport whether he won or lost!! We had a jolly good time golfing and acting like little kids again.. I loved it! I did win btw..

After golf we went to the worlds best Chinese food joint in MA. I swear, PF Changs has nothing on this place. Quan's Kitchen!! We split an order of shrimp, teriyaki ribs, and chicken wings.. 2 helpings of fried rice later- and we both had massive stomach aches but enjoyed EVERY bite of it.

The only other thing that has been going on this weekend is I gave the Peanut a haircut.. see a difference?? I think it might still be crooked- her hair is SO thick and wavy it's almost impossible to tell if it's straight or not! But hey she's only 7 so I think she can handle some crooked hair!

Hope all your weekends are going smashingly!!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!! And now I totally want to eat something asian for dinner...but since the fridge is empty, I think I just might have to go for oatmeal :S sad, I know!

  2. I hate to toot my own horn but i totally own at mini golf.. beat my guy errrrytime. Okay, sure.. he beats me at everything else.. but mini golf is my domain!

  3. too fun! i'm so glad C is like that... i gotta get my C to take me mini-golfing... he owes me!

    Peanut's hair is gorg... I remember my mom haircuts well :)

  4. How dare you post pics of the BACK of Olivia. I demand a re-do w/ frontal pics!
    Also, happy you beat the man at mini golf but kinda wished he was a sore-ish loser ;) I beat the boys all the time and I love to see them cry.