Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wow! I made it! It was a tough week, but someone had to do it I guess! And I guess, that someone would be me!
The last few days have been a blur of phone calls, order entry, and fighting with customers about shipments. Can you believe that one order I have is for the train system in Chicago??? And if the order doesn't ship by mid-next week, the Governor will be calling MY office (well not to talk to Christina, Biz, if you can't hop on the train next weekend, I'm VERY sorry- but we are doing the best we can and I totally understand how urgent this is. I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing the city of Chicago. That was the speech I recited all week! Like it? I'm so diplomatic...
So I just wanted to show you all a few things I ate this week. My healthy eating wagon "autopilot" sorta worked and I managed to eat lots more food- just uber healthy so I was very proud of myself! I didn't work out that much besides dance class on Thursday (more on that in a few sentences..) and am absolutely exhausted. I made up for it today- but am having to eat mostly mushy foods (more on that in a few too!) so I cleared through yogurt and applesauce all day long!

Soup! This was delish- it had a nice spicy bite to it- the only thing I would change is to make the beans a little softer- I like soft beans (thats what she said..)

Amy's!!!!!!!!!!!!! My homegirl! I love this meal- it's my absolute favorite. No picture of what it looks like "after" because you all know that with Amy's - if it's on the box, that's pretty much what it looks like.

Olivia and I made pizza for her "pizza" day at school. Mine is the veggie one with a half a sprinkle of some fake cheese. She is a pepperoni- lover so she got the meatie one. I used Kinnikinnick personal size pizza crust. This was a GREAT crust. As you guys know Kinnikinnick is one of my favorite GF/DF bread companies. Their bread is light and very tasty- so this crust was a good treat. Good buy A, good buy!

Things To Chew On:
1. Never try and pull a box of Capri suns out of your car, in the dark, while you are half bent-over half-out of the car. You WILL hit yourself in the face and bust your lip!
2. Don't yell at the kid who looks like the dad in American Pie for correcting you in dance class. It's not his fault he's been brainwashed into being just like the teacher.

So yea, I busted my lip and I think the salve that I was putting on it to "heal it" without going to the hospital didn't really work. In fact- this happened earlier in the week and my lips are still swollen! I mean I look hot, but they don't feel too good, in fact- it's very painful!! I should have gone to get stitches I think. Hopefully it won't leave too much of a mark!
Dance class? We danced with partners and I was paired up with some wacky guy who tried to correct me half the time. But I think he was just being a stickler for the rules because salsa can be a little "looser" and steps and hand positions don't have to be carbon-copies of the teacher. I spoke sharply to him. I felt bad. Poor guy!

I am SOOOOOO happy things will be getting back to normal now! I will be able to take lunch breaks so I can work out again.. whooooooo it's going to be good!
Thanks for sticking by while I go through a stressful week!


  1. damn those capri suns! they always cause injury.. and why do they make the straws so hard to stick in?! obviously I have some pent up anger issues towards juice boxes :)

    pizza <3 xo!

  2. Glad your super stressful week is over!! Damn those Capri Suns--hopefully your lip will heal up soon. Love Amy's too!! Not loving a-hole guy in dance class--I would've snapped at him too. Don't feel too bad about it.

    Happy weekend!!

  3. Where do you work!? I don't ride the train, and it honks loudly by my house so I'm cool if it stops running for awhile! ;)

    I love Amy's too!! I've been vegging on her this week. I'm all cooked out lately.

    You need to be careful w/ your car in the dark! You bruise yourself up way too often!

  4. aww mee, i think you should start drinking more... it cured a lot of headaches caused by the same company... lol

    omg i cant believe the picture on the can of black bean soup looked so much better. :) the pizza looked yummy...

    p.s. i sent you my email address via twitter

  5. I also like my beans soft :P Hope your lip gets better soon!! Poor you lol!

  6. Ha! No worries here - I no longer commute to downtown!

    Sorry about your lip - and I will definitely try those pizzas!! Great idea.

  7. oooh I wanna try that pizza crust! Or just have pizza in general...that's the way to do it: Keep all the ingredients on hand so I can make my own personal one when I feel like ordering out. Good lookin' out, A!!!

    <3333333333 you!

  8. Ouch sorry you hurt your lip. Have you tried Amy's soups...they are so great!

  9. Ah, I just adore Amy's products too! They are such lifesavers when there's no time to cook. The frozen samosas are my absolute favorite, but I haven't been able to find them for months now.. :(

  10. Those pizza crusts sound fab...

    Ok so I'm freaking out over here in MARYLAND... tomorrow I'm working till 5 and then babysitting from then on but the little man should be asleep by 9... I do have lunch at around 1:30... I can't wait to hear about this (I never got an email)... I'm so excited!!!!!!

  11. Uggh, sorry about your lip!! The dance class sounds fun, I'd love to take a dance class one day. I should probably do that sooner rather than later.

    Love Amy's foods. I've only had her soups and a couple meals, but I really want to try her pizza soon!