Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does A Body Bad

Hahahaha, I'm so glad you all loved the crazy people pictures! We were all dying laughing- I never make fun of people out of meanness- but sometimes you JUST have to point it out!

So anyway- it's Thursday finally- one day closer to the weekend and I am super excited for it. Well as excited as I can be for attending a funeral, and an art festival in the rain!

A dear family friend passed away over the weekend and his funeral is this Saturday. I am happy he lived a good long life but very sad the end was painful for him. He passed away from complications from cancer. He was my Sunday School teacher at some point in my church-going career and he always had a joke ready or a funny story for you. He will be sorely missed...

Tonight I am going to a dance class with my SIL. She really really wants to learn how to dance salsa and found a class near our house to go to. I of course will take any chance I can get for dancing and asked to tag along- its a beginner class but even the beginner ones are still fun! We are planning on going out for her birthday in a few weeks and she wants to be dance floor ready by then- I think we can do it!

So here is Olivia in all her school uniform glory.. ADORABLE! She had a great first day. My mother is her teacher and I teased her about having her "Noni" as a teacher. Apparently my mother didn't stick her in the corner with a dunce cap like I thought she would.. no I'm only kidding! : )

What else has been going on? Well, I have a horrible confession to make. Lately, for some reason my body confidence has gone a little down hill. Had to do with hormones, getting sick from eating food and having hives everywhere.. being bloated from being sick. But anyway, I haven't been taking care of myself lately and am so stressed out at work that I haven't been eating properly. Yea you saw my eats from Monday. But the last couple of weeks I noticed I was falling back into the pattern of -telling my parents I ate a late lunch and then going home and telling the boy I already ate dinner at my parents. And I did eat- it was just like... carrots and cucumbers, or a piece of toast or just a bowl of cereal. And not a big breakfast and certainly not consuming enough in the way of snacks.

So my 7 pounds I've lost in the last few weeks? Yep- that was all my fault. Am I feeling any better? Heck no, I'm freakin' exhausted. And I can feel a cold coming on.Blame it on the stress. Blame it on the fact I'm not sure what is causing the hives (which are still there). But I'm not getting enough fuel and since I wasn't the only one who noticed (thank you Carlos for snapping me back to attention last night!)... I'm stepping my game up. Pay attention to what I'm eating and make sure- no matter what's going on in the day- EAT DAMMIT!!!

To motivate myself to eat something good for me here is my lunch/dinner from Sunday. The hot dog is a Boar's Head hot dog which besides Hebrew National are the only meat hot dogs I have found that are gluten-free. Hebrew National H-Ds are like 100 bucks for a pack of 4..(ok they aren't that bad but they are pricey!) so I buy a few packs of the Boars Head ones when they go on sale.

The rice mix is Goya rice (which is by far my favorite kind of rice .. ever!!)
My lunch for today is a honey mustard (just honey and mustard mixed together.. lol I'm so ghetto!) chicken sandwich.. not exciting but it's a bigger lunch than I've been eating lately!


  1. Oh I definitely know how you feel about the body stuff. I went through a couple months of hives and stress and it just makes you feel so gross! Hives can be made worse by the stress and once I realized that it was probably ME making the breakout worse I started beating myself up about it until I stopped!

    I need to try Goya rice! You're always raving about it and I've never had it.

    haha I always make my own honey mustard that way. A couple years ago I was making baked chicken fingers and I asked my then boyfriend to make honey mustard. He was so confused, ended up googling a recipe and I was horrified when I turned around and he like.. followed a recipe w/ measurements (didn't think to half it b/c it was just the two of us) and I'm not kidding, had a 4 cup bowl OVERFLOWING w/ it. It was so much in there he couldn't stir, it was spilling over the edges and he used up my entire bear of honey and tub of mustard. I was just.. yeah.. he had to go. hahaha

  2. She is adorable!!!
    Hope those hives go away soon!

  3. Hey, Olivia is adorable!

    I'm so glad you're able to catch yourself with your eating and that you're getting back on track--it's so important!

  4. You probably don't need me to tell you this, but you'll feel a lot better if you keep eating healthy things. Try to eat frequently small amounts when you are stressed.

    I gave you a blog award, come to my blog to check it out!

  5. Hey chickie, sorry to hear bout your family friend... my thoughts are with you and your family... Also sorry to hear you are stressed with work and i think the only solution is to give the work to Scott. Tell him i said so! Also, i hope you start to feel better...
    P.s. your peanut is adorable!

  6. Oh man, Olivia is THE CUTEST!!!!

    I'm sorry you're still not feeling well, but I'm sure eating more than only foods that contain 90% water will make you feel much better. Gotta get that protein and those complex carbs in there!

    I know what you mean about falling into old habits; sometimes they're so deeply set into us that they turn up without us even knowing. Sounds like exactly what happened with you:0( If you need anything, please let me know!!!!

    I'm sorry for your friend:0(


  7. Wow... Hun... I hope this doesn't have anything to do with what we talked about the other night... You know you can always email/text but I know this is hard... Keep taking care of yourself though. It's worth it and you have the gorgeous little lady and sexy man who need/want you healthy and happy.

  8. ohhhh my goodness, that olivia!! she looks so precious in her uniform. good luck getting back on track with feeding your body -- it needs food energy!