Friday, September 18, 2009

Puddin' On The Ritz

Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm so thrilled Friday is finally here! You have no idea!The last few weeks I've been getting to work at 7:30 and most nights not leaving until 5:30 or 6.. so any chance I get to relax, I'm doing it! To protest my new schedule I showed up to work at 8 today and I am running out the door at approximately 4:59. Don't tell my boss I'm leaving early though! Haha! (my hours are 8-5 btw in case you think I'm crazy for leaving an hour early) I'm sorry for doing alot of complaining lately about how busy I am.. I'm cranky- what can I say???

So let's see where was I?????? Ohhhhh yea! Food! *****(I'm sitting here staring at my picture folder on my desktop and the thing that is staring back at me is the taco picture from my previous post. God I'm flipping hungry!!!!)*****
Well like I said my old aunty picked up some GF ice cream cones for me. She is so good sometimes- I swear she is the most annoying old woman I know besides my grandmother- but she ALWAYS finds the most random GF/DF shit out there. And gets them for pennies! Here's what she picked up for me the last time she came over-

I know right?! Let me tell you I tore into this box as soon as I saw it. I bit into one thinking it was going to taste like cardboard. I was close. Fluffy cardboard with a slight hint of vanilla. Just like a REAL ICE CREAM CONE!!!
Well we didn't have any ice cream in the house, sadly, so poor Olivia could not try it out for real. But I think my substitute was pretty good! Chocolate pudding! It looks like real ice cream doesn't it?

She was happy with it! Good right after a bath treat...
Hmmmm soooo what did I eat? I tried one of these...

that really looked like this...

It was "ok". I liked it but for how much it cost ($5!!!) I could've bought 6 salmon filets at Target (indivually frozen.. those babies are yummmm and super easy to make)
The problem I had with it was I was hungry five minutes later! It was supposed to fill me up! It had 390 calories and 13 fat grams in it. And good fat, walnuts and salmon - what happened there?! I supplemented the dinner with some Cinnamon Puffins and chocolate almond milk. Great dessert!

Thursday night is dance class night with my sister-in-law! We had a blast AGAIN. I think I forgot to tell you how last week went too. We got there last week and I was figuring it would be a fluff class for me because as you guys know I have danced salsa for four years, and taught for one of those years. I was pretty cocky going into it. Well... I got booted in the butt! The teacher teaches salsa ON TWO. Which is New York style salsa- which.. I never learned. I learned ON ONE. The basic difference is where you break your steps. If you watch my salsa video (I think its the one where I have a skirt on..) you can see that I step forward on the FIRST count of the beat, where as NY Salsa you step forward on the SECOND beat. This is completely backwards from what I learned and I was absolutely scared to death. But I figured it out and now I think I have it- I just need to learn all the fancy shines and footwork that go along with it.. Well anyway last night my SIL told me that her friends wanted to know why I was going (there is a group of 4 of us who go together..) because I already know how to dance and shouldn't be in a beginner class. Ummmmmm I guess they missed the whole first class where I was stumbling over the steps! Well anyway my feelings were hurt for a few minutes there but I got over it. My SIL loves that I'm going because I help her out so I'm gonna keep going!

Have you guys ever felt bad because you were "better" than someone else at something? I'm not sure I should feel guilty here. Yea, I have the technique and the style, but I know absolutely nothing about NY style footwork so it was a great challenge!

For those of you and you who need constant Olivia pictures... here is her "dress down" Friday school outfit. TOO CUTE!!!
Hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday and I will "see" you all SOON!!!!


  1. Love the pudding substitute!!!

    I hate when frozen meals flop! Bummer :(

    Awww how rude of those girls to ask why you're going? Um.. b/c you want to have fun!! When I was younger I used to feel guilty when I was better at things (music, dancing) and would try to fake being bad or messing up. Then I realized that's stupid and I should just do it for the fun of it and not worry what others think!

    Umm wow, can you come clean my wood floors?! They're never that clean at a moment's notice to snap a pic! ;)

  2. I'm so happy it's Friday too!!!

    You know, that ice cream cone with pudding actually looks YUMMIER than ice cream... who knows that was even possible??

    I think we should all invent a new word to describe your daughter... she is just beyond cute! What's cuter than cute???

  3. your are the master or improvisation.. pudding cones, brilliant!

    and yes, I do need constant Olivia pictures so thank you for this :) she is such a diva!

  4. boy, do i know how you feel with the work intensity! my job has been so crazy stressful lately, just stressful because its busy, not because its bad, you know? im so glad its finally the weekend! peanut's casual friday outfit is so cute!!!! tell her hi from me!

  5. Um that's why I avoid frozen meals... they always make me sad and leave me hungry... but when I'm in a pinch I do add a salad for staying power.

    An aunt who rivals the grandma- eek!

  6. Yum for pudding cones! And Olivia is so adorable-love the pictures! Totally sucks about the nasty people in dance class--uh, maybe you're there because you want to have fun and dance. Good for you for staying with it. You definitely shouldn't feel guilty.

  7. I like how you took a photo of the frozen dinner box and the actual thing. Haha - big difference!

  8. Oh dear, your salmon dinner did not look good. HA HA HA sorry... I am happy you are ditching work early, but wait... how come this seems all too familiar...hmmm I dont blame you though, if memory serves me right Septembers suck. I do not miss those saturdays. :)

    Love your posts!


  9. cuuuuute Olivia<3333

    I totally know what you mean about feeling bad for being better. It's like when you're out to eat with some maybe not so healthy friends, and you carefully order and choose steamed broccoli instead of fries or sauce on the side or something, and they're all like, "why are YOU ordering that?" It's like, sorry but I CARE! It's all just other people projecting their insecurities onto YOU! Don't let it bother you:0)