Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wow guys! Thanks for your comments on the ethical-eating/ food budget eating issue! I mean obviously I would LOVE to get the good stuff, but budget constraints at this time.. keep me heading for the sale section! Hopefully that will change soon so I can start doing more though. I guess you could say I am living proof that on a tiny food budget you can still have pretty decently healthy meals.

Carlos and I had a long chat about that last night. I don't know if I told you guys but he has quit smoking (smoke free for 4 weeks today!!) and has joined the gym after working out at home since February on our "home gym". I would not let him join the gym if he was still smoking because it would be like throwing his money away. Good thing he listened to mami!! So far he is doing great and he is looking hot! Not like he wasn't before... He can't notice a difference yet, but man I tell you when he gets out of bed in the morning (dorky part coming right up) and is putting on his sweats and I have a GREAT view of his back and I think- dang that's my man right there! Lookin' all tight.. YUM! Sooooo, where was I going with this? Oh yea! FOOD! I told him about the ethical eating debate going on and how I feel about it. He asked if we could watch the Food, Inc movie- he was interested in learning more. I said, "are you sure you want to do that?" "YES" "It's going to be all about where exactly the meat you can't live without comes from.." "Well I don't know.. wait yea maybe I could do that!" "OH BOY!!!!!!" Play by play ov-ah. It is my new goal to scout out where we can see the movie and go and watch it. If my carnivore is going veggie I want a front-row seat!

Before he goes veggie I gotta use up all the sh*t I have in my freezer! Case in point dinner last night! One of the things he loves about me is that all the food I make is pretty healthy (I mean except for the fried chicken.. but hey- at least its olive oil fried!). I do this for several reasons-
1. because I want to eat it sometimes too and I need it to be dairy and gluten free
2. he's lactose intolerant (and in denial) and shouldn't be eating dairy either (that eliminates BUTTER from everything I make) and
3. because I want to be gettin' it on when I'm 85 with him so I need to make sure he lives that long. I'm selfish. What can I say?

A shrimp-tastic easy scampi: fresh zucchini, 2 small fresh tomatoes, few tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Smart Balance, garlic, minced onion, crushed red pepper, S&P to taste. Saute veggies with spices for a few minutes- a thick sauce should form because of the "butter" and make your kitchen smell lovely! Add shrimp and cook until shrimp is pink. Serve over the pasta of your choice or with rice. I used pasta... it was absolutely delicious and I really could not stop eating it. Give it a try- I think you'll like it!

In the workout-front.. I've been working out at lunch time because we have had no overtime approved (so what else am I going to do at lunch time??) and I think it's REALLY helping me a lot. I have lost a total of five pounds in the last month- which is a great thing! Hopefully soon I will start getting out there and running again. I think I've convinced Carlos he wants to do a 5K next year. Who else is going to do it with him??? I'm SOOOOOO proud of him for taking the steps to get healthy!!

Have you girls found that your men have taken an interest in more healthy things since meeting you? I'm just saying this because I know we all have perfect diet and workout routines RIGHT???? : )


  1. Funny Story: My carlos came home a couple months ago and handed me an empty can of grape soda. I looked at him with a confused look and asked why he was giving it to me. He then told me that as he was leaving a meeting with a customer, they offered him a soda. He was so excited to see they had grape soda so he grabbed one. As he got to his car, he opened it up but for some reason decided to look at the calories. Without even taking a sip, he proceeded to dump it out all over the ground and brought the empty can home to show me the calories in it! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA

    That Food Inc show, I'm tellin ya, you will never be the same!

  2. Oh God, I've put about 20 lbs. on my boyfriend. He was skin and bones. Didn't eat breakfast, ate lunch out w/ his co-workers, and would grab a) a Sub, b) delivery pizza, or c) chinese before I moved in. He said the people at the counter knew his name and what he wanted he went so often.

    He had to go to the doctor a couple months ago and he said the guy asked him.. "So what's new, besides the 20 lb. weight gain!?!?" and was happy - said he needed it.

  3. kudos to Carlos for kicking mayjuh a$$ in all these challenges he's set for himself! what a dude :)

  4. OMG I love htat you were able to break his bad habits! Anyone who says you can't change a man just didn't have the skillz.
    You HAVE to see Food Inc, it won't make you or Carlos a veggie (I don't think?) but it definitely makes you very aware of the food decisions you make (though I know you are 10 times more conscious than the average bear) and it's super entertaining as well.
    I missed you and little O, I loove that she thinks I'm the cool, cool coolest bc I think that of the both of you!

  5. Hi there! Love that you and your hubs are getting on the same page!

    Unfortunately, my good habits haven't spilled over onto the hubs--instead, his bad ones have definitely influenced me poorly! Eeeks! Sigh. He also smokes and has tried to kick the habit several times but always ends up smoking again. I'm hoping one day he'll give it up for good!!

    Congrats to Carlos for all the positive changes he's making!! ;)

  6. Glad to see you back!! Thank you for commenting on my blog, since now I found yours again, haha :D

  7. Your shrimp dish looks amazing!

    My husband and I keep going back and forth - he wants to do south beach (more towards Atkins) while I like my pasta and rice!

    I gained 20 pounds within the first six months of knowing him! He's Italian and when he first served me his pasta, I literally had at least 5 cups of cooked pasta in front of me! And of course, I ate it all it was so good! :D

  8. YAY!!!! I'm so proud of C!

    My boy is so much like me when it comes to food- in general it's healthy, but we know how to enjoy our lives- 5 guys on occasion and such. But I did get him into yoga and then he ended up stepping it up a notch and teaching me some things... there have been many late nights where we end up popping in P90X Yoga and competing to see who can actually finish (him lol)... I mean we may or may not have had a few drinks when we think this is a good 2AM activity but that has to cancel out at least one of those vodka drinks ;)

  9. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog :) Shrimp is one of my favorite foods ever...that meal looks DELICIOUS!
    I think I have definitely changed my hubby's habits. He was always active but never paid much attention to diet. He definitely eats a lot better since we moved in and got married! Good for Carlos and the 5K!