Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Balancing Act

Awwwww!!! guys! you are so cute with the disaster wishes! The comments about what might happen to the person who did this... I can almost guarantee that what I was thinking, was much much much worse than you! The more the week dragged on, the more painful everything was. Like.. I had all my credit card statements for the month in there. Um fraud anyone?? So the disaster I hope befalls this clown, is definitely NOT a parking ticket, NOR falling in a ditch. Here on this blog, I like to be blunt. But I won't say out loud what I was thinking for a proper punishment for this person! If you REALLY REALLY want to know, I will reveal... lol

This week is certainly getting a little bit better, I am halfway moved back home and have my big ass TV set up in my bedroom- it looks so purty! My cat got scared and hid under the blankets when I turned it on last night- she is not used to seeing such a big TV! Growing up we did not watch a lot of TV compared to other kids and I did not have cable until just last year. I have "missed" a lot apparently and now fill my nights with Flipping Out (sooooo funny!), A & E shows.. (helllllooo First 48!) How much TV did you watch as a kid???
I also missed a lot of TV because of a certain someone *cough* Carlos* cough* who really only watched SPORTS! And while I am a good girl and didn't complain, the nights when he was not around I definitely put the kids to bed as early as possible and was glued to the TV for the rest of the night- filling my head with trash! Oh how I love trash TV!

So what is going on with me this week? I'm starting to feel better, although I still feel like my right arm is gone and I'm really worried about him. Before he was able to call me a lot more and now, I haven't heard from him all week. So cross your fingers he is ok!

Food? Do I eat still? The answer is not a lot lately, I'm back on my force feeding frenzy that afflicted me before. Stress makes me either eat like a pig or not eat at all and in the days leading up to Carlos's departure I managed to keep my appetite up and running. Now it's non-existent. Never fear, I get really tired and cranky when I don't eat so I am concentrating on making sure that even if I don't eat as much- it's filling stuff! I'm talking oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, healthy granola bars for snacks (Jenny... you MUST TRY THESE!!!!- more thorough review to follow..)
veggies and soups for lunch,

Amy's meals for dinner and oh wait??? How did THESE get in here???

See? I'm not completely healthy here! Please note you only see three, there were four in the bag and I actually started with 8 of them. OOOPS! All before ten a.m...

In the workout scene I am BACK! I am realizing that my number one way I am going to relieve stress is to get out there and move it! Tonight I can't work out but I am confident I will get a workout in tomorrow, I just have to plan on it everyday and make the effort - and it will happen.
There may or may not be a video post coming up as well.. WHOOOOOOO!!! I kind of fell away from that with all the drama, and now I just need to get a new camera charger and I can actually film a vid for you peeps! I've been playing a particular song over and over again (I'm slightly obsessive what can I say?) so I think I've got something concrete now.. YAY!


  1. Yay I'm glad you're finding food to eat! :)

    Stop by my blog, I left you something! ;)

  2. That's hilarious, I JUST wrote about exercise as a stress-reliever. It's really amazing I think - thank God for those endorphins!!

    and hey - cookies would be very sad if we didn't enjoy them once in a while :P

  3. I need to find those Cascadian Farms granola bars for Rob. I am such a huge fan of that company!

  4. oh u poor thing!
    Such a bad thing to happen!
    I can timagine myself w/out my laptop too, and is no paranoid abt it tat I take w me whether i go! Even gym! (not necessarily safer tho, i knw ;p)

    but hey, good to knw ya eating and stayin strong.
    no words can offer enough comfort for a loss like tht..but u do knw yr readers are here for u ..

  5. Aw i'm sorry your appetite is mia but cookies always help :D I am personally dying without my beloved cable and dvr that I JUST got back at home before i left!! My roommate and I need to get netflix so we can get gossip girl and all those good shows on dvd! I'm probably a lot more productive now without cable haha but ill need it for the wintaaa!

  6. I grew up with one t.v. It was small, in the living room and had about 8 channels.

    Today?? We have a four room house and we have FOUR t.v.s! Each one has AT&T High Definition, with 600+ channels - we had so many shows being recorded last night, we couldn't even change the channels! Funny how different it is!

    And flipping out - I love that show!

  7. I totatly had the same thought on the disaster wishes--way too tame. Maybe if the fell in a ditch filled with piranhas...After being run over...I'll stop now.

    Anyway, love trashy TV! I never watched any TV as a kid so maybe I'm trying to make up for it now?

    Stay strong!!

  8. they fell in a ditch--clearly spelling/grammar are not my strong points...oh, well.

  9. Guess what? I had no TV when I was a kid. Isn't that horrendous? My parents regretted it, because once we started having a TV, I was SO deprived that I watched TV, the same show, over and over for 8 hours a day.

    A video post! Yay!