Saturday, October 17, 2009

Karma's A Beeyotch

Well I made it through the whole week here at work!!!! I babysat my nieces and nephew again last night, my SIL went out for a well deserved "shimmy" time with her friends. She joked about it being a night to go out "daddy shopping" for the kids. Ahh, she kills me!
The week has definitely been pretty stressful with the loss of my computer, my desk looks like a disaster area with all the cables and this big nasty desktop on here. It's not looking good for a replacement laptop either. The laptop approval has to go through my higher-ups who may not let me get another one because this one was stolen. Which destroys any flexibility I have with the laptop! Argh!

I can't even tell you how much I pray for some kind of disaster to befall the person who did this. This has been an IT nightmare at work trying to get me set-up correctly! Never mind the emotional damage! I honestly felt violated and I haven't been able to sleep- every time I hear a noise, I'm wide awake. I talked to C and he felt really bad, I was crying on the phone and then he started crying too because I was crying. God we are weenies!! Thank goodness the next two nights I'm staying at my SIL's!

But in food land, I have some good news. I've been trying a few new things out because I have some extra money to swing with the food budget now. Thats probably the ONLY good thing about C being gone- is I can buy more food for ME! Always a silver lining huh???

Any way up first we have some Turtle Mountain So Delicious Soy Yogurt. In flavor Vanilla- the only other flavor they had was blueberry, and blueberries in any form make me nauseated- so I don't touch them. This one is sweetened with Agave (yum!) so it's a "good source" of sugar. Wouldn't that be a great thing? "Yes, agave nectar.. the GOOD FOR YOU SUGAR" plus it has live active cultures to promote healthy digestion- which because I'm not working out right now (I'm too busy crying and packing) I really need- my stomach has been freaking out lately with the lack of movement. Literally and figuratively. OK TMI!

This has five grams of fiber in it from the chicory root in it. I haven't tried a chicory root, but it sounds like it would taste like cardboard- so I'm glad it blends well with yogurt. This yogurt definitely is much better nutrition wise all over. From the low-cal (130 calories) to the fiber (5g) to the sugar grams (only 19g- for a soy yogurt that is flavored.. that is awesome), to the probiotics in it- it was a win win for me.
Plus it tasted soooooooooo dreamy. I loved it- it didn't have that "I'm Soy Yogurt" taste like other brands, it was smooth and creamy. Total YUM. I grabbed a whole bunch of them.. just to have them on hand.

On Wednesday night I went food shopping with my SIL with all the kids. Oh wow was that an experience! But it was really fun- and when my SIL talked to C she told him "I don't know what it is man, but my kids love Amy, she's like a magnet". C is the same way- hes a clown with the kids.. and I will play games with them, do all kinds of crazy things to make them laugh. She told me she couldn't believe that there was a female version of her brother out there. Which made me smile- I was happy about that one!
So anyway- getting back to the story at hand- I saw these thingies and picked them up. Rice Works- in "Sea Salt". These are gluten free crips that are SO chip like its crazy. Well I thought they tasted more like a "triscuit" but they were delish. Jessica and I almost polished off the whole bag that night but I managed to save some! There was just enough "saltiness" to make them taste indulgent, but they were SO good for you. No nasty chemicals.. or fake stuff. Loved them!

So there we go- things are looking at least a little better- my attitude about work was a little better too. This was supposed to be the week where I would be "in charge" at my office and instead I was at the mercy of the IT department all week- so it's a pretty shitty experience to NOT be able to do anything. I would have my phone working and not be able to log into any programs to check anything, then the phone would not work- then the programs still didn't work.

It was exciting though to talk to C finally. He's doing ok, a little sad I think, but he could be doing a lot worse; so I'm happy he's hanging in there. He just wishes he could have been out here to support me after my car break in.. but baby- its ok- I still love ya!

Here is a good picture from the last night we were all together, this is my niece Lissette and "Tio Charlie" as they so affectionately call my baby-boo.


  1. I'm secretly hoping the biooootch who messed with your computer will get a parking ticket or something this week :) buaha.

    mmm yogurtttttttt.. never tried that one but it sounds like a dream! More food for you = major perk!

  2. Love the picture!

    I hate the feeling of having something stolen--and it must be worse with something like the laptop that has all your pictures and everything on it. I'm with Jenny--although I hope it's much worse than a parking ticket...

    And Riceworks are great

  3. Gosh...I find that extremely cruel, to steal a LAPTOP...that's like a whole life's info and work in there, at least for me! Hope he/she falls into a ditch!

  4. i still cant believe someone stole your comp. i hope you get approval for a laptop, and soon! sounds like you are having fun with SIL and the kids. so glad they are there to lighten your spirits :)

  5. Holy Shit! I'm so sorry... these past few weeks have been way to crazy for you... I wish I could make it all go away... omg come move in with me and you and O and I will just bake GF brownies together and have fun... i love you

  6. Hang in there! All of you! :) At least you got some good eats to keep you company :)

  7. good job staying posi!!!!! it's really inspirational, you know?

    I'm so sorry about your computer...want to borrow my laptop?!

    LOVE YOU<33333

  8. im in love with that pic at the bottom! love youuuu :) you are so positive it makes me so happy! love the middle name paige!!! that might have to be a future name for my kiddos... way in the future :) hha

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