Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Drama Never Ends Does It?

Here I am, on a loaner laptop at work.. in my efforts to move a ton of stuff in and out of the apartment I left my laptop in my car. Ever since I got rear-ended a while back the back door of my car (I drive a Honda CR-V..) has been sticky- so I think whoever decided to bust into my car, knew the laptop was back there and figured out a way to get my locked car.. open!
They also stole the navigation system cable charger and demolished the inside of my car, probably looking for the navigation which is safely tucked away in my purse.

I'm mad. And it can't come at a worse time.. I haven't talked to C yet and I am freaking out. Thank god my BIL was around and I was able to talk to him about it. Tonight we are going to the house together and moving my TV, the stereo, the Xbox, and the Wii. Dave said, "my brother will kill me if anything happens to this stuff or you while hes away.." Thanks Dave!

What the hell is wrong with people?? My only hope is whoever took it won't know what to do with it, so they will hang onto it.. and then get arrested for something stupid and they'll find it! lol

My only problem is, my pictures. All my pictures from the last few years are on there. All my music videos. All my dance videos. Sure I can pull them down from Facebook and Youtube and even here on the blog.

I don't have any pictures for you because those morons also got my memory card reader.

Man, I am such a downer lately, I'm sorry guys.. I really really appreciate everything from you guys.. the support, the comments, the virtual hugs.. it does help a lot.. Seriously!!!!

I promise, the next post, will be a nice one..


  1. The pictures. :( The loss of pictures would kill me. I am so sorry.

  2. That sucks!!!! So much important (and priceless) stuff is on laptops, like the pictures!! I'm so sorry :( But you know what, after all these bad things, it has GOT to get better from there!

  3. eck - I saw your facebook status when you mentioned your laptop being stolen and my heart sank. What a horrible feeling...

    No need to be sorry about being real & honest about your posts lately. That's what a blog is for, is sharing what is really going on - don't sugar coat it for us sweetie! Life has its ups and downs and I pray that you continue to just take it one day at a time!

  4. ugh, I'm literally disgusted by people! I can't believe someone would do that -- and I am so so so sorry for your loss, girl! Hang in there! I am praying some positivity and good fortune comes your way!

    lots and lots of love <3

  5. ugh it sounds like things are pretty overwhelming for you right now. i am sorry that all of this is being thrown at you at once! just know we are all thinking of you and that it will get better

  6. **hugs** I'm sorry everything seems to be getting dumped on you all at once. It seems like everything just goes bad at once. And it's got to be awful losing all those pictures :(

    And don't feel bad about this being a downer. It's your blog and you should write about whatever it is you're feeling. Down or not. (Hey, look at my blog lol).

    Hoping everything starts to settle down soon and you'll at least be able to see C. And I'm glad your BIL's there to help.

    Email me anytime.

  7. Amy! Just catching up on my blog reading - so sorry about what's going on! Hope everything is getting better for you by now - hugs!