Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tell All Your Friends: Comforts of Fall Giveaway!

In the effort to get myself moving again. And grooving again. And eating again, I've decided to jump on the giveaway bandwagon yet again and shall bestowing upon one lucky reader a lil ole "Comforts of Fall" gift basket. It will actually come in a box, no basket included. Sorry! Haha.

Take a look at the swag!

Cascadian Farms: Chocolate Almond Granola bars
Back To Nature: Cranberry Pecan granola
Cliff Bars: Holiday ones!!! ENOUGH SAID!
Divine dark chocolate: Certified Fair trade.. delish!
Justin's Nut Butters: those cute lil squeeze packs you can throw in your purse
Annies: This is my kids FAVORITE brand of mac & cheese. its sooooooooo good.

Can you see all the yummy stuff?! Holy yum! I am sorry for the fact they are not all gluten and dairy free.. I know that I would not be able to enjoy all of it myself, but some of the items.. whooooooo!
I really really wanted to do this because I wanted some way to say thank you so much for all the support for the drama I've been dealing with in the last few weeks. Words can never express how much it all means to me; and even though work is making it tough to get to talk to people on a regular basis (those who I've emailed before) I still cherish the words sent to me- I love love love love you guys! I fell away from reading and posting comments as well and I have to tell you that getting back into my "reading routine" has helped normalize everything for me. You guys all have this infectious good mood that puts me in a good mood and turns my whole day around.

So what do you have to do to win all this stuff? Just post a comment telling me who inspires and lifts you up when you are having a bad day. Can be your mommy, can be your kids, can be a fellow blogger or your best bud from school. My personal blog heros are Christina, Rebeca, Jessie, Jen, and Alisa. Oh and last but not least Jenny (whos posts ALWAYS make me laugh!) You guys are amazing!!! I want to hear from ye ole faithful readers, ye new readers, and all the random stalkers in between.
This is open to US and Canada folks, so post away!

Oh and BTW, please vote for Jenny for the "Good Mood Blogger". She rocks my socks off..

*****edited to add an end date! Thursday the 29th.. 6pm EST..get your comments in by then!!!!!********


  1. Oooh! I want in!!

    Who inspires me... This is such a long list. You obviously! Seeing how much you've come through the last few weeks and how you've handled it has made me realize how amazing you are! My own mom--she's come through so much and never ever gives up (and has never given up on me). My brothers and sisters. The kids I represent who have much harder walks than I'll ever have and they are amazing!

    And all the authors and musicians I turn to when I'm feeling like giving up... the list is way too long lol

    And my cats ;)

  2. This is awesome! The goodies look absolutely delicious, you will definitely be making someone's day!

    As for who inspires me, I would definitely say all of the blogs that I read - they all inspire me in different ways. And my friends and family. They have been rocks through all of my ups and downs and they never fail to impress and amaze me :)

  3. A!!!! thanks so much for the shout out lovie! you warm my heart so :) <3

    amazingggg giveaway... I have been dying to try the justin's maple almond butter :) My main source of inspiration is of course my mommy, but also my older sisters. They are such strong optimistic people and I feel so fortunate to have had them as my role models for my entire life :) I'm also inspired by the bloggies, of course! what would I do without you!?

    Happy day beautiful!

  4. Awww way to make me tear up!!! Love you too! :)

    Johnny usually lifts me up, talking to my cousin or a friend. Also all my blogging buddies, it's a great community.

    Don't forget to come stop by my give away, too!!! It's going on until next Friday!

  5. what a great giveaway! i've never tried those justin nut butter packets but ive heard they are awesome! my mom and julia are my two biggest lifters...i feel like they've literally carried me many times and im so thankful for that!!!

  6. Wow, what a great giveaway! And kudos to you for thinking of us, your readers, when you're going through so much yourself!! Positive karma will come back around! :)

    As for who inspires me and lifts me up when I have a bad day. . . my friend Pam is a wonderful woman who has gone through so much lately, but still is willing to help a friend out and be a great friend--she has a great attitude and is a positive person.

  7. wow, what an amazing giveaway!

    What inspires me & lifts me up? All my e-friends. My puppy, Iggy. Carlos, my wonderful Carlos. My sisters & their adorable children. And most of all, memories of my mom! :)

  8. I want that loot! I'll give a shout out to your giveaway post tonight. :D

    My husband is my rock, whenever I am down, he is the first person I go to, to hug me, to tell me its going to be okay. Then I realize how lucky I am to have him and my daughter, and step-son. I am a lucky duck! :D

  9. mama dearest fo sho!!!

    i've been searching high and low for those seasonal bars. would be awesome to win some.

  10. Awesome giveaway! I have never tried that peanut butter...or almond butter I guess. As for what inspires me when I am having a bad day (or a bad week like last week!) I guess it would have to be just watching the news and realizing how lucky I actually am. Even my worst days are better than some people's days on Earth. I need that reminder that I really AM lucky and privaledged, despite bad things happening every once in a while.

  11. The first person that comes to mind is my dad. He almost always seems to be able to make me feel better.

    Also, like Jessie mentioned, too many authors and musicians to list.

  12. Besides my family, fellow bloggers inspire me soooo much! I love reading blogs!

  13. AW A u are too cute and sweet- I love how u shouted out all those amazing bloggie women :) O man I have so many bloggie's that support me when I'm down, but def the first phone call of tears is going to momz! My stepdad is pretty coo too :D Hope u are doing well (and your nephew is all better!) xo
    I hope i wiiiin so we can meet up!!! haha but we will anyway!

  14. I would say my sister always cheers me up!

    Great loot! I've only tried one of those nut butters

  15. Ooh, I've been wanting to try Justin's Nut Butters for such a long time- great giveaway!

    A few people that lift me up and inspire me when I'm having a bad day: my sister, who is living halfway across the world but who brings a smile to my face whenever I receive a postcard or an email from her; my twitter friend Liz, who I don't really *know*, per se, but who is always so encouraging and friendly that I feel as though we DO know each other; and my professor Tracy, who always has a smile and is willing to listen to everyone.

    And, of course, the dear bloggers- checking blogs when I wake up, in the middle of the day, or before I go to sleep is such a relaxing thing to do!

    - Sagan

  16. Seeing how bloggers live healthy and wonderful lives makes me want to workout and enjoy all the scrumptious foods too.

    I am really the only person in my family that is heath and fitness oriented. I guess, my own reflection inspires me to workout.

    As Mizfit often says... be your own hero. In this case, I am my own inspiration.

  17. I live in Charleston and when I'm having a bad day I usually take my bike and decide to ride anywhere downtown. Riding my bike is such a good thing for my mentality. I can just relax and look at the beautiful architecture and everything in downtown charleston. It's amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. My parents inspire me, for sure. My family has gone through some rough times, but they are always there for me and my sisters and for each other. They're always making each other laugh, and i love it.


  19. This giveaway is fantastic! I would love to win. My boyfriend inspires me... he has a great sense of humor and is alway upbeat and positive!

  20. What a great gift pack, I would love to enjoy it all with my husband. When i am having a bad day a simple hug from him I can fell all the bad just slip away from my body.

  21. Snuffy is my mood-booster. I love it when I have time to rock her and snuggle with her head under my chin.

  22. my cute little dog always knows what to do when i'm feeling bad. lies there and looks cute.

  23. My mom, my best friend, and my fiance!

  24. It all looks yummy. I have tons of support from my blogging buddies. Syl and Missy come to mind. And of course my friends and family.

  25. my Mommy, my boyfriend, my friends, and blogland!!!! :)

    thank you for this giveaway!