Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do It For Love

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted in days, months, anything!

I don't know how much I can say via blog but I would like to say that all is pretty much ok on the home front and nothing bad is about to happen!

I just wanted to share with you a tiny bit of whats happening... becuse after this, I probably won't talk much about it... it's just too personal for me to share via web and you KNOW I am not opposed to over-sharing!

Carlos and I have been through a ton in our relationship- we have our good days and bad days. You know when he yells at me, I cry.. I give him the silent treatment so I don't yell and he gets mad and yells at me. (are you sensing the pattern here??) But for the last few years, he has been my best friend. My confidante. The one I want to come home to every night. The only person I will ever allow myself to trust and love again. The one I want to be lying next to on the couch at night. Waking up to in the morning. There are moments where I get so overwhelmed I just spit out, "wow babe I can't believe how lucky I am.." and he just laughs at me. There are memories of him in my head that make me smile at work- blush at work- laugh out loud in the car..I always tell the story about how we fell in love on the green line going to a baseball game. But it also happened after that, when freshly found love was put to the test. Many, many nights I cried myself to sleep then, knowing that he was doing the same thing. That ecstatic feeling of love went from a tiny little flame into a roaring fire that no one could get through.
We made it through that horrible time and put ourselves on the three year plan of having more kids, starting to save money to buy a house and have a real wedding ceremony! The things he has accomplished in the last year have been nothing short of remarkable- I know I had a lot to do with it (pat myself on the back).

The love of my life right now, needs me more than ever to support him. Uplift him. And make him realize that no matter how bad things get... I will always, always be there for him.

What does this mean for us? We might be moving... I'm not sure of exactly when or where to, but the good thing is, my job can be taken on the road. At least I would like to hope that they would offer me the same benefit of working from home that they do to my other co-workers who moved away from the home office. I definitely don't want him leaving without me!

For now, everything we have planned is on the back burner until we figure out what we are going to do. Normal posting will resume after the Chinese food fest we are having at my house on Friday. : )

Tonight I am babysitting Olivia (well shes mine so she doesnt count lol), my nieces, and my baby nephew. OH IM IN HEAVEN!

Thank you guys SO much for your sweet comments on my previous post.. yes Kate even though you thought I am doing something scanalous.. HAHA! I really do appreciate all thoughts sent my way. I need strength in the worst way- even though its strange I am handling it ok thus far.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, it was wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that everything worked out for you, this gives me hope as I continue on with my bf, Nick. This story was an inspiration!

    I really feel that everything will go well, and things will turn out for you guys. Good luck, I look forward to a good update down the road :)

  2. what a beautiful post - you definitely have a way with words lady. I hope you continue to take care of your Carlos. These Carlos men of ours, they truly are gems.

    P.S. my word verification is wines. Meaning more then one. I'll have a bottle this weekend if you have one, deal? if not, then I'll have them both.

  3. Amy! Your story is seriously the cutest thing ever (OMG love on the Green line i'm dyiingg!!) :D
    I wish you and the bf and your little cutie the best- i hope you're not moving too far from Bost??

  4. aw, i'm glad that things are good. stressful can be rough BUT it sounds like things are stressful in a good way, if that makes sense. changes can be positive when they move you forward!!!!

    hope you had fun with all the little ones last night xoxo

  5. I appreciate you sharing this info with us girl and please know that I am always here with love and support for you :) stay positive girl!

    Have fun with the kiddies tonight!!

  6. I really hope things work out... You both sound like you are great for one another, and he's lucky to have you :)