Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mission Complete

Well Happy Thursday everyone! Hope everyone is getting geared up for the weekend! I have some big plans! Actually, no I don't but, I do plan on getting together with my SIL and BIL and all the kiddos..

First of, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my SIL Jessica! She is the big 2-8 today! I am babysitting again tonight so she can go out and have some fun at dance class! Why am I not going? I will be happy to stay with the kids for her- my bday present.. as a single mommy with three kids, I am happy to give her a break! She is really improving in dancing and I hope that next round of classes we can find a babysitter for the kids so we can go together again.

Tonight I will be applying for new health insurance. In looking over my new health plan, I am predicting an absolute financial break down if I take this health plan at work and something happens, whether it be an illness or an accident. God forbid, if in 3 years when C gets home, we want to have a baby, it could cost upwards of $5K just to bring the little sucker into the world. Then if I get into a car accident and have to seek medical treatment it would cost me 100% of the bill up to a certain deductible ($1200 to be exact) then after that I would be responsible for 30%. Jees, a hospital visit can cost $3K!!! To those of you who are still on your parents health plan because you are in school- be GRATEFUL!!!! The real world sucks! Happily based on my current situation (down to one income..) and my family size and since I am moving back to MA, I can get health care through the state at a lower cost and it's MUCH better. Every state should have MAs health plan!!!

Then again, thanks so much for your support in the whole C thing. He's pulling through ok.. I should be able to talk to him this weekend, so that is a good thing! My cell phone is ON and volume TURNED UP waiting for it!

Last night I made pizza for dinner, this is a recycled picture because, yea, I made the same kind of pizza. I wasn't feeling the creativity.

I completed my goal from yesterday though! I worked out for 40 minutes last night and 25 this morning! Yahoo! : )
Todays goal is to get my health insurance forms filled out and look over all my bills. Very boring. I know! Life is tough!!!


  1. MA health insurance really IS great; until I went back to school, I had Commonwealth Care, and it didn't cost me ANYTHING! Plus, I had NO copays, and my perscriptions were only one or two dollars. I sure hope you're looking into CC. If not, you totally should!!!!!

    Great job with sticking to your goals! Be proud!!<333

  2. I'm taking a course on access to health care law, which is very interesting. And what I'm learning from it: we should all move to Sweden lol!

    Good luck with everything :)

  3. Great job on the workout!! UGH insurance is so obnoxious, i am screwed if i get hurt or sick :O! Thinking of u Amy!! xo

  4. Woo... I hope that helps... Now you can come visit with your extra $$ :)

  5. blechhh health insurance -- happy to say I'm not quite old enough to have to deal with that frustration yet. Hang in there chica and have fun with the tots tonight!

  6. Props for sticking with your goals!! I hate health insurance. Majorly. But I too will say that MA health care is really helpful and I'm glad that you'll have that to cover you. I'm with Anais though--we should all move to Sweden.